2018 Delta LG Election Centre News

Ijaw Youth Group Tasks Stakeholders On Conduct In Saturday’s Delta LG Election 

An Ijaw youth group; ”Delta Ijaw Youth Movement for Political Advancement, DIYMPA, has advised all stakeholders involved in Saturday’s Local Government election on conducts expected of all those involved in the exercise.

In a press statement signed and released by the group’s Spokesperson, Comr. Ajosibe Justin Bebenimibo; Comr. Eric Egenimiekumor, Secretary and its President, John Dekawei, titled ”Admonition to desist from electoral malpractice and the need for Deltans to vote wisely without fear or intimidation in the forthcoming Chairmanship and Councilorship election in Delta State, the group urged the people of the state to come out en-masse for the voting exercise.

However, it explained to the residents that they should not attach any form of emotion or special gratification to gifts and presents, offered them during the yuletide period as basis for voting for them.

The statement reads in part; ”the chairmanship and councillorship election in Delta State will be held on the 6th day of this month and we urge all Deltans to come out massively and vote for their desired choice.

”Deltans should not make a political choice that day on the basis of Xmas or New year foodstuff or benefits given to them by a political party or politician or political leaders.

 ”Deltans should know that those Xmas/New year benefits or bonuses are their entitlements and they even deserved more than what they were given. Deltans should vote for whom they feel or hope will govern them democratically.

The group also warned politicians, leaders and traditional office holders to eschew any form of uncomely activities during the exercise, especially, attempts to rig or any form of electoral malpractices.

”Categorically, we advise the Ijaw politicians, Ijaw political leaders, Ijaw chiefs, political leaders, agencies, individuals and politicians to eschew from any form of rigging or political malpractice in this forthcoming chairmanship and councillorship election.

”We as a body is monitoring the process and shall be on a serious watch on that day of the election and afterwards.

”If any malpractice is slightly suspected, we shall employ all legal mechanisms to prevent, publicize and deal with such electoral malpractice and political offender.

”Similarly, we strongly advise the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC) to conduct the election in a free and fair manner, without giving any preference or attachment to any political party or politician or individual.

”Deltans your choice today determines your tomorrow, please vote wisely”.


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