Pipeline Surveillance: Itsekiri Communities Refute False Protests Against Tompolo, Affirm Support for Tantita Security

Itsekiri communities convened on Friday, April 26, at Ugbodede Community in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, to address recent online protests targeting High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, popularly known as Tompolo, Chairman of Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited. The gathering aimed to clarify the communities’ position on the matter and dispel any misconceptions.

Fidelis Etelori, the coordinator of Tantita in Obodo, Opumami Cluster, and six other communities, took the lead in addressing the press conference. He denounced the circulating protests as misleading and false, emphasizing the deep involvement and support of Itsekiri communities by Tantita Security Services.

Etelori highlighted the numerous contracts and job opportunities provided by Tantita, revealing that his community cluster alone boasts approximately 135 ongoing and well-paid job slots.

Itsekiri community leaders stand united in support of Tantita Security Services, condemning false accusations and reaffirming their commitment to peace and prosperity in the Niger Delta.

Expressing dismay at the protestors, Etelori emphasized that none of them hailed from Itsekiri land. He asserted that those present at the press conference were authentic representatives of Itsekiri communities, including board of trustees chairmen and community leaders. Etelori urged anyone claiming to represent Itsekiri interests in the protests to publicly verify their identity as Itsekiri indigenes.

He stated, “We have contracts with Tantita Security Services Limited. We have those who are employed directly by Tantita Security Services, and by the grace of God, most of our coordinators are here. We are here to dispel the misleading claims and affirm that Itsekiri communities have been actively involved.”

Staff of Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited from the Itsekiri ethnic nationality.

Additionally, Engr. Samson Uwatse, the coordinator of Tantita, Ugbodede Unit, echoed Etelori’s sentiments, emphasizing Tantita’s positive impact on the Itsekiri region. He highlighted the employment opportunities provided to women, elders, and youths in the community, emphasizing prompt payment and tangible benefits.

Uwatse affirmed, “Those who claim that Tompolo and Tantita are not involving Itsekiri communities are spreading lies. Tantita is effectively combating oil theft, and we, the Itsekiris, fully support its endeavors.”

Other beneficiaries and coordinators present at the press conference condemned the viral videos, denouncing them as false and mischievous. They reiterated their support for Tantita Security Services, refuting any claims of neglect or marginalization.

In conclusion, the Itsekiri communities reaffirmed their unwavering support for Tantita Security Services and emphasized their commitment to combating oil theft and promoting peace and prosperity in the Niger Delta region.

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