2018 Delta LG Election Centre

DELTA LG ELECTION: GBARAMATUVOICE launches Digital Election Centre #DeltansDecides #DeltaLGElections2018

GBARAMATUVOICE, South South’s leading newspaper, has launched its digital election reporting centre ahead of the January 6th Delta State Local Government elections.

The GBARAMATUVOICE Election Centre is a comprehensive resource platform for the LG elections.

GBARAMATUVOICE is renowned for its fast-paced and accurate reporting of events around Niger Delta.

The election centre will showcase extensive reporting from experienced journalists at GBARAMATUVOICE who are already fanning out to all parts of the state.

The centre shall provide professional updates on voting progress, incident reports, news and elections results as announced in polling units. It also provides useful resources for voters and researchers.

GBARAMATUVOICE is asking voters and election monitors and observers across the state to photograph election results pasted at polling units and send them in via instant social media channels such as WhatsApp [08030891146], Twitter (@gbaramatuvoice) (#DeltaLGElections2018 #DeltaDecides) Instagram [tag @gbaramatuvoice and Facebook [www.facebook.com/gbaramatuvoice].

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