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Senator Dickson backs Tantita’s efforts to combat oil theft in Niger-Delta

Senator Henry Seriake Dickson, the representative of Bayelsa West in the 10th Assembly and former Governor of Bayelsa state, has thrown his weight behind Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited’s involvement in the fight against oil theft in the Niger-Delta.

During an appearance on the Arise TV Breakfast show, Senator Dickson underscored the importance of Tantita’s local expertise in navigating the intricate Niger-Delta terrain to tackle this longstanding issue.

Recognizing the challenges posed by the complex Niger-Delta environment, Senator Dickson emphasized the necessity of leveraging Tantita’s understanding of the region’s waterways and maritime dynamics.

Senator Dickson expressed confidence in Tantita’s capability to utilize their knowledge effectively, particularly highlighting the leadership of Government Tompolo, a driving force behind the company.

In discussing the role of firms like Tantita in curbing oil theft, Senator Dickson acknowledged the limitations faced by formal security personnel and urged support for Tantita’s engagement.

Highlighting the complexity of the Niger-Delta’s geographical landscape, characterized by interconnected rivers, creeks, and dense mangrove forests, Senator Dickson viewed the involvement of local maritime players as essential for collaborative efforts with established security forces.

Responding to concerns regarding the existing maritime security framework, Senator Dickson clarified that Tantita’s participation should not be perceived as a critique of national security. Instead, he stressed the importance of local knowledge supplementing security agencies’ operations, with the aim of harmonizing efforts rather than supplanting the Nigerian Navy’s role in maritime policing.

Addressing controversies surrounding the award of surveillance contracts to Tantita, Senator Dickson emphasized the need for inclusivity and synergy among stakeholders. He advocated for the development of a unified structure that maximizes the contributions of various actors in enhancing local security and supporting formal security personnel.

Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited is a surveillance security firm entrusted with safeguarding the waterways and combating oil bunkering and theft in the Niger-Delta.

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