About Us

GbaramatuVoice was established in 2015 by Jacob Abai, a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to revolutionizing media representation in the Niger Delta region. Founded as a monthly tabloid, the inaugural issue of GbaramatuVoice hit newsstands in August of the same year, marking the beginning of a transformative journey in regional journalism.

Driven by a commitment to address the information gap and deliver unbiased reporting on the activities and people of the Niger Delta, Jacob Abai launched GbaramatuVoice with a clear vision of providing comprehensive and authentic coverage of the region’s stories and issues.

Under Jacob Abai’s leadership, GbaramatuVoice quickly rose to prominence as a leading media platform in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Leveraging digital technologies and innovative storytelling methods, GbaramatuVoice embraced the power of new media to reach diverse audiences and amplify the voices of the Niger Delta.

Throughout its journey, GbaramatuVoice has remained steadfast in its mission to inform, inspire, and entertain audiences through compelling content that reflects the richness and diversity of the Niger Delta. Jacob Abai’s dedication to excellence, integrity, and inclusivity has shaped GbaramatuVoice into a trusted source of news and information, earning the respect and admiration of audiences locally and globally.

Today, GbaramatuVoice continues to uphold Jacob Abai’s legacy as a pioneering force in Niger Delta media. With a focus on advocating for positive change, fostering dialogue, and empowering the people of the Niger Delta, GbaramatuVoice remains committed to its founding principles while embracing the opportunities of the digital age.


To be the premier and most trusted media platform in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, leveraging digital innovations to reach diverse audiences and amplify the voices of the Niger Delta.


We are committed to delivering compelling and authentic content from the Niger Delta to a global audience, aiming to inform, inspire, and entertain through:

● Harnessing digital technologies and new media platforms to engage audiences across borders and demographics.

● Expanding the reach of our content through multimedia storytelling, interactive experiences, and social media engagement.

● Promoting inclusivity, diversity, and representation in the media landscape, particularly for marginalized communities in the Niger Delta.

● Advocating for social justice, environmental sustainability, and economic development in the region.

● Upholding the highest integrity, credibility, and ethical journalism standards in all our endeavors.


At GbaramatuVoice, we are guided by the following core values:

● Integrity: We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our work.

● Innovation: We embrace digital innovation and creativity to drive impactful storytelling and audience engagement.

● Excellence: We strive for excellence in content creation, delivery, and audience experience.

● Inclusivity: We value diversity and ensure all voices are heard and represented in our storytelling.

● Advocacy: We are committed to advocating for positive change and progress in the Niger Delta region and beyond.

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