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“By the grace of God if elected I will sponsor educational award debate, sponsor bill on compulsory state primary school meal to nurture and nourish our primary and junior school feeding, provide scholarship and bursary in Burutu North Constituency, establish and fund a cooperative for all women in Burutu North constituency and finally to provide befitting housing and legal backing for the oppressed and deprived women and youths in Burutu North constituency”

These are the words of Honorable Ebimaye Bebenimibo, a political aspirant aspiring to represent the good people of Burutu North at the Delta State House of Assembly, in the forth coming 2019 general election.

Hon. Bebenimibo, while presenting her manifesto to her people promised to consistently seek a way of reducing the burdensome cost of government with a view to making funds available for capital projects, and the rapid modernization of infrastructure that will enhance the lives of the people.

She said, she, being drafted by her people to contest such an exalted position would never mortgage her conscience for filthy lucre and earthly possession either within or outside the Delta State House of Assembly

“Either within or outside of the Delta State House of Assembly, I shall not mortgage my conscience for filthy lucre and earthly possession. Girding my loins with truth, I will strive for that which is noble and of good report before God and in the court of history” she said.

She further stressed that she was eager to hit the campaign trails and discuss with her people the serious issues confronting them, promising to set a new order and record in Burutu Local Government.

She said her confidence is rooted in the belief that most man-made problems can be solved, and are eventually solved by man under the inspiration of God, emphasizing that inspiration alone does not suffice, but must be combined with the perspiration that exudes from hard work and courageous deeds.

Hon. Ebimaye Bebenimibo

Hon. Bebenimibo challenged the people of Burutu to wake up to the truth that faith without work is metaphysical foolishness and silly abracadabra.

She urged them to summon courage to change from the ritualism of pigeonholed religion to the rectitude of genuine spirituality, adding that notion of sowing and reaping is more than a casual metaphor rather, it is a universal law that is as efficacious as the laws of gravity.

She said, “For far too long, Burutu people have slept on the bed of conflict and chaos. It is time for us to lay a new bed; it is time for us to change. 

“We have traded the dream of a great local government for the nightmare of stagnation and paralysis; it is time for us to change.

“We shortchange the sovereignty of the Burutu people for Executive haughtiness, parliamentary dominion and brazen dis-empowerment of the citizenry; it is time for us to change.

“I am embarking on an adventure of faith – the changing of Burutu into a land where truth, justice and liberty reign. The seeds of truth, justice and liberty shall yield the harvests of the unity and progress that for too long have eluded Burutu.

“My goal is to be part of a vanguard that will use the chambers of the State House Assembly to prepare a new bed for our communities. As a state lawmaker, my energy will be focused on enshrining certain bedrock principles that are indispensable to peace and progress in a pluralistic society like ours.

“I am convinced that a glorious future is beckoning Burutu. Such a future requires sacrifice of self, malice to none, fairness to all, respect for law and the courage to change.” she added

Hon. Bebenimibo solicited for prayers, intellectual inputs and immediate financial support to wage a successful and productive campaign in her bid to give Burutu Local area a new look via her elective position as Member, Delta State House of Assembly.

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