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INTERVIEW: Entertainment, Comedy in State of Decline in Warri—Comedian, Enas

Popularly known as Enas, but born Justice Enabulele, he kicked off his comedy career from the oil city of Warri, South South, Nigeria.

Comedy, which is one of the fastest growing industry has recent times recorded influx of different young stars. Though there are names whose ordinary mention would ring a bell in an average Nigerian hear, there are a lots of talented up and coming comedians who are making waves in their locality particularly Warri, and one of these comedians is Justice Enabulele popularly known as Enas.

He is the originator of the popular comedy ‘SOME PEOPLE ARE BLESSED WITH WICKEDNESS.’ In this interview with GbaramatuVoice, this Edo-born but Warri based comedian bears his mind on the future of comedy in Warri, the city synonymous with comedy.

He described focus, dedication, obedience, self-development and sacrifice as keys to success in whatever ones does and other sundry issues.


GVN: Please tell us about yourself?

Enas: My name is Justice Enabulele but my friends call me Enas which has become my stage name. I am a native of Ove-Edo in Edo state. The last child in the family of four. I was born and raised up in Warri, not just in Warri but the ghetto part of it. I had my primary school education in Omotohola Primary School after which I later journeyed to the north (Kaduna) where I had my junior secondary school education. I later returned to Warri as a result of Sharia Law crisis of 1998/1999 and I continued my senior secondary school here in Warri. Aside being a comedian I am also a graphic artist which I learned as a result of the advice and encouragement of my late father (may his soul rest in peace) who meant everything to me. He was my counsellor, confidant, motivator and everything a father can be to a child. I am a multi-linguist person and I enjoyed speaking my local dialect (Benin) and Hausa. I have also ventured into football and music which I still have a strong passion for.

GVN: What should people expect when they come around you?

Enas: Oh! It should be fun! Being around me what you will get is fun because I always want to be happy and that is being transferred to everyone around me. With me there is never a dull moment because life is too short for that. There was a scenario during the Ebola outbreak. I went to visit some friends of mine and they were all downcast as a result of the news on how bad it was but as I got there I turned the whole scenario around with my funny attitude and body language and Immediately my presence brought life back again and everyone was happy and lively.

GVN: How did you get into comedy? 

Enas: I found out people always laugh whenever I say something or by some funny attitude with my body language; even when I appear to be very serious they still laugh. And I was wondering if it could be my body language or charisma until I had the opportunity to play a role in a church concert, then I knew I could really make people laugh with my body language and some funny words. Then I decided to go into acting. I was also opportune to act with the likes of Chinwe Owoh, Boss Man Okwy, C.Y Standard Igwe and some other movie stars in the industry. From there I decided to go into movie comedy and here I am today running my own production known as Enas Comedy.


GVN: Who are those you look up to in the industry?

Enas: Ayo Makun (AY), Bovi, Charles Enojie, Basket Mouth, John Okafor and I go Dye

GVN: What was the first joke you ever cracked?

Enas: My first joke was: ‘But wait do you know that some people are blessed with wickedness. How can I beg you for salt and you tell me your mum has counted it. And some of this girls are very wicked, how you go pay girl N50,000 to wipe then on top your 50k she go dey moan? Me, if I pay girl 50k to wipe make the girl no moan oh… because as I do ah…. I dey collect 5k, ah… 5k at the end of the day na she go owe me money. Because she cannot enjoy what I am paying for.’

GVN: What is the state of stand-up comedy in Warri?

Enas: The state of stand up comedy and entertainment in general in warri is at the decline and it’s falling everyday even when people will say warri nor dey carry last. When it come to comedy and entertainment them dey carry last because there is no platform to nurture raw talent except you have to leave the shores of Warri to Lagos. So what happens to those raw talents who could not relocate to Lagos? Secondly, people are not interested to invest and brand the raw talents displayed every day. The average Warri boy is funny and can entertain from the pidgin language to the general behavior.

GVN: What is your advice to others who are coming up?

Enas: Focus, dedication, obedience, self-development and sacrifice. And as an upcoming talent you need to acquire these things and must learn to invest in his or her talent. Pride is a killer; loyalty is a reward and you must have some persons on top you see as your idol.

GVN: Who are your idols as a comedian?

Enas: Basket Mouth, Bovi, AY, I go dye, and Akporero. Locally it is MC 2Bright and MC Aboki

GVN: What do you have to say to your fans all over the world?

Enas: I really want to say a big thank you to all the fans of Enas Comedy. A big thanks to my family who has been there for me all the way. Shout out to all my friends; a big thank you to Gbaramatu Voice who gave me the sharp edge of becoming a public figure. And most especially I want to say thank you to God Almighty for His mercy and protection over me. I look forward to making my fans proud and becoming one of Nigeria’s finest comedian. You can subscribe to my YouTube channels to watch, to share and to like our videos. Just go to YouTube and search for Enas Comedy, but don’t laugh alone…. I love you all.

GVN: Have you ever been heckled why performing on stage?

Enas: Hmmm. I have been heckled just once, but it really did not give me any concern because what makes you a professional in your area of specialization is the wisdom and ability for you to conquer your hecklers. As a celebrity these are part of the things that makes up your story; that I am been heckled should not be an excuse for me to fall but should motivate me to do better than I did.

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