•Visit’s Sarabubowei, Ikpokpo and Okpele-Ama/Tebujor Communities
•As Communities cries out for age long neglect
•Calls for immediate commencement of the EPZ/Deep Seaport project in Gbaramatu

Pere of Gbaramatu arriving at Tebujor community

To kick-start the 9 days tour to communities in Gbaramatu kingdom, the paramount ruler, His Royal Majesty, Oboro Gbaraun 11, Aketekpe, Agadagba has officially began the tour today with the visit of three communities.

The 26th revered monarch of Gbaramatu begins the tour with Sarabubuwei community and from there to Ikpokpo community and finally raps up his day’s visit at Okpele-Ama/Tebujor community in the kingdom.

Gbaramatu Voice observed that in all the three communities visited by Aketekpe of Gbaramatu kingdom, mammoth crowd from the communities ranging from Chiefs, aged men and women and youths all trooped out to pay homage while offering entertainment to His Royal Majesty.

Mr. Fredrick Igere, Chairman, Sarabubowei community while welcoming his Royal Majesty into the community, maintains that Sarabubowei has always been and would continue to be under the overlordship of the paramount ruler of Gbaramatu kingdom.

Pere of Gbaramatu arriving at Ikpokpo community

The address read in part : “Firstly, we have not been recognized by Chevron as an autonomous community and so we have been marginalized and denied of our claims and right as a host community. We have severally complained to Chevron in writing but this remains unattended to.

“We also use this opportunity of your presence to appeal for your support and assistance in any of our rightful claims and agitations concerning this community.

“Your Majesty sir, we are grateful and appreciate you for the way you have been working assiduously to make Gbaramatu kingdom great, stable, peaceful and a united Kingdom. Sir, with this gesture you have laid a solid foundation in the Kingdom. We equally express our sincere appreciation to you for this visit to our community and we pray that the good Lord grant you and your entourage safe journey back home.” Mr. Igere asserted.

The story in Ikpokpo community is not different as after the wonderful reception given to his Majesty and his traditional Council of Chiefs; The Chairman of the Community, Mr. Godwin Akori in his speech assured Oboro Gbaraun 11, of the community’s continued loyalty to his throne while using the medium to plead with the King to learned his voice to the Federal Government for the immediate commencement of the Gbaramatu Deep Seaport Project in which the community would play host to the gigantic project and other issues bedeviling the community where also raised.

Pere of Gbaramatu praying for Sarabubowei community

While in Okpele-Ama/Tebujor to conclude the day’s tour, the chairman of the community, Mr. Monday Aboh in his welcome address raises issues of concern.

In his words:”Our deep concern as a people is to add a fundamental value and cause immense developmental change to build a people and a community that stands for everything that is good and to ensure future generations for hundreds of years to live in happiness and peace.

“In striving to achieve these goals, we are faced with abandonment of Government projects. In particular is the shoreline protection and reclamation of Okpele-Ama /Tebujor community. We have almost exhausted our efforts in the pursue to complete the project, so we cry to you for help.” The Chairman said.

His Royal Majesty, Oboro Gbaraun 11, Aketekpe, Agadagba while addressing each communities during the tour, stressed that his visit was to have more insight about all communities in his kingdom.

According to him ” I have heard all your complaints and by the grace of God and our ancestors, we shall look and see what can be done to develop these communities, it is very important to note that some of these issues have been raised before the federal, state and other relevant bodies for developmental actions to be taken ” Aketekpe noted.

The paramount ruler of Gbaramatu kingdom before praying for his subjects in the various communities he visited, stressed that his visit to the communities will bring about rapid development, as he prays fervently for both his subjects to grow.

Speaking further during the tour, he particularly warned Gbaramatu Sons and daughters to always embrace peace, while urging his subjects to shone any form of betrayal that would be inimical to the growth and development of the kingdom.

He also cautioned parents to acquaint their children on the dos and don’t of the Gbaramatu traditions, adding that tradition is an integral part of humans especially from this part.

Meanwhile his Royal Majesty is expected to continue the tour by visiting Ijaghalla, Opuede and Opuede-bubor communities in the kingdom tomorrow.

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