Pere of Gbaramatu praying for Ijaghala community yesterday

The paramount ruler of Gbaramatu kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oboro Gbaraun 11, Aketekpe Agadagba, 26th monarch of the ancient Kingdom have stated that Ijaghala community his under his overlordship.

The revered monarch made the call yesterday during his visit to the said Ijaghala community as part of events marking his 9 days tour around communities in his kingdom.

According to him, he said Ijaghala community was founded years ago by Oweizibiri, a son of Gbaramatu and a grand son of Gbaraun.

The Agadagba of Gbaramatu kingdom opined that Ijaghala has always been a community under Gbaramatu and as such would continue to remain so, vowing that nothing can change such situation.

He particularly tasked the people of the community to always feel at home, stressing that they should not be afraid of anything as they are in their own land.

The Tonwei of Gbaramatu kingdom, Chief Nelson Ogelegbanwei, receiving the welcome address from Mr. Bright Eweyeju, secretary, Ijaghala Community Management Committe

Aketekpe also expressed his pleasure for the rousing welcome he received from the entire members of Ijaghala community, noting that the community have come of age to bury her indigenes should anyone as part of human existence dies in the community.

In his words : “I greet the people of Ijaghala community, I am particularly happy for the very rare reception given to me here in Ijaghala.

“Today I am informing you my wonderful subjects of Ijaghala community that I have been visiting communities in my kingdom and at the moment, I am here in Ijaghala as your paramour ruler.

“This town was founded years ago by OWEIZIBIRI and who was a grand son to Gbaraun. The founder of this town is from Gbaramatu kingdom.

“My predecessor, upon his coronation as the king of Gbaramatu kingdom, also undertook a tour to this community and prayers of prosperity was rendered to the community, I can see that those prayers actually worked for the good of the community as I am seeing block houses, I have also come as part of our tradition to pray again for more development in Ijaghala.

Ijaghala men and women danced to entertain the Pere

“You people should know that you are from the Ijaws of Gbaramatu. I am not disputing the fact that humans are products of both man and woman, but know that you people are from Gbaramatu Kingdom.

“I also want to tell you that our unity as a people should be none negotiable as that is the very basis of our moving forward.

“As your paramount ruler, I have come to pour blessings upon this very land of Ijaghala and her people, don’t be afraid of anything as you are in your land.

“I am telling you as your royal father today that as part of our existence as human beings, should anyone dies in this town in the course of living, such person should be buried here as I am giving you the full authority to do so. As I have spoken, so shall it be.

“My mission to Ijaghala community today is nothing more but to pray for the prosperity of this land as part of my Kingdom.

“You people are Ijaw people of Gbaramatu and as such you should not mix it with the Itsekiris. My being the King of this Kingdom was divinely ordained by God and also supported by the gods of our land.

“I am repeating myself that you people are Ijaw people under my overlordship as nothing can change that fact, this is how it has been since the days of our forefathers and so shall it remain.” His Majesty stated.

Speaking earlier on behalf of Ijaghala community, upon the arrival of His Royal Majesty; Mr. Bright Eweyeju, secretary of Ijaghala Community Management Committee, stated that the community is under the overlordship of the Gbaramatu Monarch.

In his words “We are your children, we will continue to be loyal to your throne your Majesty sir .

“As our revered Pere set his noble feet on our soil, we remain highly honoured and delighted to have you here in our midst. Today marks a watershed in the annals of history of our community. We are delighted to host you and your well respected entourage, we therefore want to appreciate you, your highly seasoned Councils of Chiefs, distinguished guest and fellow Gbaramatu brothers and sisters that have sacrifice their precious time and presence to be part of this historic event. 
“Your Majesty sir, we will want to thank you and appeal to you for further release of community chieftaincy titles for Ijaghala community that will assist our high Chief (Samuel Eyengho) in bringing Ijaghala community more closer to the palace and the Gbaramatu in general” Mr. Bright asserted.
However, prayers of prosperity was offered to all the three communities visited by the traditional ruler of Gbaramatu Kingdom and other traditional rites where also observed after hearing messages from the leaderships of the various communities.

Meanwhile, at Opuedebubor, the Chairman of the community, Mr. Braye Frederick have earlier in his welcome address pleaded with his Royal Majesty to add his voice to the developmental agencies for the immediate sand filling of the community.

According to him, several attempts have been made to particularly the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC to rescue the community from the scourge of being watched into the sea as their demands has continued to remain unattended to by the management of the commission.

The address read in part :”Land Reclamation and Sand Filling Project, Sir, we have written series of letters to NDDC, carried out various lobbying attempts in order to our community is sand filled and the shore protected, all to no avail. Sir, our community is almost completely in the sea due to ocean tide, which is a natural sequence and a consequence of global warming.

Sir, we have tried to our best to and we want to please urge you to use your good office to support our best by reaching out to NDDC and DESOPADEC to please award this contract and carry it promptly before it is too late. As you can rightly observe, there is barely any land mass in our community, we manage to prepare this little space we are currently having this event and if nothing is done as soon as possible, maybe in the next few years that you might decide to come on a visit, there will be no land for you to come into. Please come to our rescue and Save Our Souls” Mr. Frederick alleges

In a similar manner, the people of Opuede community have also during the Pere’s visit asked for a sense of belonging in the distribution of wealth acruable to the kingdom, maintaining that his visit signifies a new dawn in the life of Opuede community.

In their words “Your Royal Majesty, we as a people want to use this medium to plea for equitable distribution of wealth acruable to the Kingdom. We want to feel more of government presence, as we lack the basic necessities any government gives to its people.

Top on the list is the completion of our school, a project that has been abandoned by the contractor, who is a son of Gbaramatu soil. Opuede community also lacks pipe borne water, as efforts in this regards has been futile.” It noted

Nevertheless, with this development, Oboro Gbaraun 11, have successfully visited six communities in his kingdom starting from Tuesday 7th which includes. Sarabubowei, Ikpokpo, Okpele-Ama/Tebujor communities and yesterday Opuedebubor, Opuede and Ijaghala communities.

Sources hinted Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper that the touring would continue on Friday 10th this week to Okerenkoko and Egwa communities.

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