Ijaw Women Connect in Oporoza

*We are Nigerians and not second class citizens.
*Calls for true fiscal federalism
*Rolled out five points demands

The President of Ijaw Women Connect (IWC) Worldwide Comr. Rosemary Graham Naigba has stated that as mothers of Ijaw Nation they would not accept any further invasion of Ijaw Communities while urging the Federal Government to pursue lasting solutions to the Niger Delta problems.

Comr. Rosemary gave the charge at Oporoza in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West local Government Area of Delta State during a Press Conference organized by the IWC recently.

An address presented during the Press Conference by the President reads in part:

“Ijaw women visit to Oporoza Community after the military invasion became an eye opener for us as mothers of the Ijaw Nation to the unwarranted and unprovoked attack on innocent and defenceless people of that community and the wanton destruction of properties. We condemn in the strongest term the militarization of our communities and urgently call on President Muhammadu Buhari to stop further forms of oppression, intimidation, victimisation of the Ijaw people. We are saddened by the evil meted on our Ijaw communities by the Nigerian military

We implore the Federal Government to trade the path of peace which can only be achieved by dialogue and constructive engagement of the people.

We join our voice with those of well meaning Nigerians to call for the restructuring of the nation as We ask the Federal Government to immediately commence the rehabilitation of the people and reconstruction of all  Ijaw Communities so far destroyed and demand that the Military should apologize to Ijaw Nation as some of our women, youths, husbands and kids are still missing.

 As peace loving people, we will not accept any further invasion and military action on our land as it is disheartening to see our people suffer unjustly in the hands of those benefiting from the same communities.

Furthermore, we urge the federal Government to leave the Ijaw people alone and stop using  their search for Niger Delta Avengers as a guise to terrorize our communities.

Finally, we state that the problem facing Nigeria today is the abandonment of the principles of fiscal federalism and a return to the drawing board of the discussion for the coexistence of the heterogeneous people of Nigeria on the basis of Justice and fairness for all.

Ijaws are Nigerians, not second class. Citizens and should be accorded the respect and dignity they deserve in the Nigerian entity. we call for Justice, Fairness and Equity for Ijaw people.

Therefore, our demands are thus:
1. Implementation of the Niger Delta Blue Print.
2. Restructuring of Nigeria going back to true Fiscal Federalism.
3. Resource Control and ownership.
4. Implementation of the PIB Bill.
5. No more military presence in Ijaw communities”.

The President was hugely accompanied by members of the IWC Executives which  includes  Comrade (Mrs) Ebisidor Bribebe. National Secretary. Comrade (Barr) Bomo Fetepigi Obhe. National Legal Adviser, Comrade (Mrs) Vivian Bestman Elenwo, National Speaker, Comrade (Mrs) Anna Appah, National Financial Secretary, Comrade Diye Lizzy Imbasi, Chairman Central Zone, Comrade (Mrs) Brassba Jack, Chairman Eastern Zone & Comrade (Mrs) Evelyn Mike-Ogeleka, Chairman Western Zone.

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