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Tompolo to receive award of “exemplary life”

By Shina Badmus

RIVERS – A group in Ogoni simply known as Ogoni Peace Monitoring Team has disclosed its intention to give an award to High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo (popularly known as Tompolo).

The leader of the group, Comrade Felix B. Ologara said that they came to a consensus to recognise Tompolo because of his selfless service and unwavering efforts in ensuring a Niger Delta that is beneficial to its people.

Ologara said this during an interview with GbaramatuVoice in Port Harcourt during the weekend. He identified Tompolo as a man that does not discriminate but goes along with everyone irrespective of their tribe or the state they come from.

He further added that July 20 would be the day to give Tompolo the award. Ologara encouraged other Niger Delta leaders to live by the examples of Tompolo.

According to Ologara, “The fact is that we the Ogoni Peace Monitoring Team popularly known as General for Peace and other NGOs are working with the Ogonis who reside in ljaw area to give an award to High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo alias Tompolo, the lbe-Ebidouwel Of Ijaw nation.

“We will be giving the award to him on July 20 20l9. This I believe will allow other amnesty leaders in Niger Delta to learn from the good example set by Tompolo in carrying all along.”

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