Silent questions for members of Obidient Movement

PETER OBI: Prospects and Challenges

Silent questions for members of Obidient Movement

By GbaramatuVoice Editorial Board

The GbaramatuVoice Newspaper has watched with keen interest the burniing desire by the Obidient Movement to institute a new political order in the country via the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

For the sake of clarity, Obidient Movement is a newly formed political pressure group rooting for the actualization of Mr. Peter Obi’s 2023 presidential quest on the plaform of the Labour Party (LP). The group is predominantly made up of free willed Nigerians and visbily headed by the youths. They exists in all the states of the federation and cuts across ethnic, education, social, cultural, sex and creed/religion considerations.

While the newspaper commends and supports this development, the central ideology and operational matrix of the movement however, raises some silent questions.

Take as an illustration, why is the movement focusing attention on electing Peter Obi as President but not disturbed about those that will become Senators, House of Representative Members, State Houses of Assembly Members and most importantly, state Governors?

Have we forgotten that a good president surrounded by bad, greedy, corrupt and lazy lawmakers cannot perform?

Are we unware that if we are blessed with Peter Obi at the federal level and a bad governor at the state level, the efforts of the president to bring about good governance and democracy benfits will never reflect on the state in question?

Why are we feeling less concerned about who occupies the state governoship positions even when it is obvous that the 36 states of the Federations, going by reports, controls about 39% of the Federal Allocation (FAAC).

Why are we not beaming searchlights on those angling to become Senators and Members of the Federal House of Assembly in the face of the awareness that 25% of the nation’s annual budget goes to this arm of government that has less than five hundred members? So, for us to make 2023 general elections rewarding, the newspaper believes that we must be holistic in our approach.

We must not dissipate all our energy on electing the right president alone. Rather, we must be concerned about who becomes the senator, member of the House of Representative, Member of the State House of Assembly and most importantly, the state governor.

The need for Obi is important, but we must encourage the proponents of Obidient Movement to focus on who becomes Governor in their various states. We encourage all to come back home and pay attention on how to elect credible Nigerian as Governors of their various states.

The reason is simple, it is not the President that will come to the state to fix majority of the roads and infrastructures, create emplyment, among others.

Illustratively, if the Niger Delta states governors could put into effective use the 13% derivation accruable to the states, no Niger Deltan wil be interested whether President somewhere is performing or not.

The truth is that if we get the presidency right and fail in other aforementioned positions, our efforts to build a nation of our dreams will amount to futility (God forbid.).

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