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In his rare theorization of the policy of State and in his poor tinkering with the measure of value that appeals more to the psyche of the majority of people that voted him to power, and in his many blatant misjudgement of the macro Nigerian environment, PMB has wasted every goodwill he got from the Nigerian people.

Assuming the crowd that welcomed President Goodluck Jonathan to Sokoto were rented, we must be concerned with the material conditions that must have driven a people known for their ultra conservative and ascetic worldviews into such callous show of open repudiation of the PMB economic policies.

You can claim the logic of a rented crowd in the South East and South South but you cannot safely claim same in the North West where religion is woven into politics and directs the nature and outcome of political intercourse. PMB has outdone GEJ in self-glorification and globetrotting.

It has gone so bad that it is even suggested that PMB can accept any invitation to attend an underwater conference to discuss on protecting aquatic lives in the Maldives. He has pursued more leads against corrupt Nigerians with concomitant incarceration and associated break ins into private homes without any good to show for it. Infact, it has not changed the price of a bag of rice in the market, except perhaps the enlargement of PMBs sphere of power.

Under PMB, Local Government Councils and even FIRS and other organs of governmental intrusions, have introduced more taxes without any compensatory services. On a lighter note, the PMB government without any qualm of conscience has repeated the mortal sin of the PDP, by using the dollar as medium of exchange to do business with itself.

All these to me is a dereliction of duty for which the PDP had fallen and GEJ was condemned. Is it education, medicine, science and technology, mining, insurance, banking, trade, industry, that has been facilitated or the public service made more efficient or bribery free since PMB took over? Not even the APC who loved PMB so much and labored tirelessly night and day until his victory became apparent, have received any tangible reward for their loyalty and affection, PMB instead wrapped himself around people with no electoral worth.

He took him less than a month to appoint those who were not in the political campaigns for him while the change bandwagon that built him up he has mostly trampled under foot and destroyed.

I knew Nigeria was in trouble when I saw DSS personnel raiding BDC cafes and forcefully negotiating the dollar exchange rates through playing to sentiments and regionalization. You don’t use militarization or romanticism to negotiate currency parity, it is the strength of your economic policy that determines the cost parity market..

To all intent therefore the only way out for PMB is to swallow his pride and return to where GEJ left off. He must reincentivize confidence in the nirvana of the nation’s body politics by assuring investors that they will not be harassed by incandescent policy statement that vitiates the philosophy of a free trade regime and open market quotient or by the ubiquitous security personnel..

He must get Chief Oweizide Ekpemupolo back to the creeks to provide security, monitoring, and enforcement for operational platforms.

This bold move will in no small way stabilize productions and assure on liquidity inflow which will help shore up the Nations depleted reserves. This gesture will also ensure that the Chief Oweizide Ekpemupolo will come to his political rescue in the South-South using his competitive advantage..

Anything short of these will be PMB choosing to take a plunge in the murky willo d wisp quicksand of a one term Presidency even in the face of the almost recrudescent glare of all the Amina Zakari on the INEC Board.

Prof. Tosan Blessing Harriman, wrote from Kano, Nigeria.

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