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The prosperity agenda of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State have come under a severe attack from a Niger Delta based group, the Foundation for Human Rights and Anti Corruption Crusade, FHRACC, over what it described as an act of wickedness for the alleged abandonment of the Ayakoromo bridge.

The group expressed their displeasure on the Okowa led administration yesterday in a Press statement issued by its National President, Alaowei Cleric Esq.

The President particularly frowned at the alleged maltreatment meted out on the people of Burutu despite contributing block votes to usher in the present administration, stressing that the government has no justification for the abandonment of the bridge.

Alaowei wonders on the u-turn of the State Government when the project was used as a campaign tool in wooing the people of Burutu for block votes during his electioneering campaigns, warning that the government should retrace its steps before the people sees it as their worst enemy.

“The systematic abandonment of Ayakoromo-Egbo-Edeh Bridge Project by the Delta State Government is a deliberate attempt to deny Burutu people of the dividends of government under Okowa administration.

“We have no better word to describe the government’s act of insensitivity towards the Burutu LGA than to say Okowa is executing political war against the people whose offence were to give him block votes during his election.

“The news making the around has it that the Delta State Government refused to allocate funds to the Ayakoromo bridge project in his 2017 budget proposal. This is the same Government who deliberately cornered the project in his 2016 budget with a promise that it will be featured in 2017 budget has now deliberately omitted same in the 2017 budget proposal.

“Governor Okowa has no justification not to allocate funds to the project, knowing fully well its importance to the people of Burutu and Bomadi LGAs.

“We cannot accept that the reason Dr Okowa’s Government is consigning this very important project in the dustbin is because of the paucity of funds in the State. Such excuse, if any, cannot hold water.

“This bridge project was awarded by the Uduaghan administration for the sum of N6,530,223,262.50. The last administration, before leaving office, has already paid a total sum of N3,098,000,000.00 leaving a balance of N3,432,223,262.50.

“Three billion naira is not too much for the Government to cater for considering the importance of the bridge to a larger population of Deltans. While Okowa’s Prosperity for All Deltans is making waves in some parts of the State, the people of Burutu and Bomadi LGAs have nothing to write home about.

“Ironically, these people gave the governor block votes during his election. Dr Okowa should be informed that there is no Prosperity for Deltans in Burutu and Bomadi LGAs under his Government.

“This bridge project would have greatly served that purpose if completed because it is the only gigantic project in the areas for the people to benefit from the Government.

“Several riverine communities in Burutu, Bomadi and Ughelli South LGAs will be connected to the hinterland of the State through the bridge. Communities like Ayakoromo, Bubougbene, Newtown, Egolegbene, Akparemogbene, Eseimogbene, Oyangbene, Gbekebor, Obotebe, Okrika, Furukama, Ezebri, Ogodobiri, Okuboama, Akugbene, Ogbeinama, Esanma, Enekorogha and many other riverine communities in those LGAs will be directly connected with road network through this bridge.

“We cannot fathom why the Governor did not see such laudable project as important to the undeveloped riverine dwellers.

“Governor Ifeanyi Okowa should know that Ayakoromo Community alone is economically viable to host a project of this magnitude because the Community is a host to several oil fields operating by SPDC, NAOC and Ten Oil.

“If we may ask, is this not the same project Governor Okowa used as one of his campaign promises to assure Burutu people when he came to the LGA during his electioneering campaigns?

“Burutu people should not be treated as the proverbial beautiful bride that is only good at giving votes to its admirers but not good to benefit from the national cake. It is a political suicide for the Government to rape the LGA with its lopsided policies.

“We are closely monitoring the Government while its programmes are unfolding. We pray that the Governor retrace his steps before the people see him as their worst enemy.
A stitch in time saves nine.” Cleric stated.

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