Niger Delta stakeholders renew calls for resource control in Nigeria

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Stakeholders in the Niger Delta region under the aegis of groups like the Niger Delta People’s Congress and the Niger Delta Congress have reopened calls for restructuring of the country to allow regions to have control over the resources in their domains.

The stakeholders, at a meeting in Effurun near Warri, Delta State, bemoaned the state of things in the Niger Delta.

In a communiqué issued at the end of the meeting and signed by the convener of the NDPC, Bishop Samson Amajene, and President, NDC, Saatah Nubari, the stakeholders raised serious concerns over the insecurity in the region and the country at large.

They bemoaned the security threats that the region was currently facing as a result of the infiltration of insurgents and intimidation of the people in the region, killing of farmers, raping women and lack of safety in the region.

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The stakeholders also noted that certain parts of Isoko had witnessed constant clashes between the residents and bandits, while some parts of Edo State were under attack, hence the urgent need to put up security structures and systems to protect the region from attacks by insurgents.

They called on the President, Muhammadu Buhari, to urgently intervene by fixing the security challenges and beginning the process of restructuring Nigeria for the citizenry to be truly happy.

Although the Niger Delta groups stated that they would continue to be apolitical, they, nevertheless, would continue to speak truth to power and tell the story of the deprivation of the Niger Delta region locally, nationally, and internationally, until the region and her people were treated fairly.

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