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Niger Delta: I am a victim, what about you?

By Enaibo Asiayei 

They soaked my head to the river for me to drink my excreta from the waters, but that is not new, am use to it.

They polluted our rivers, our fishes died, they said they will remediate it with a promise, and I hoped on their promise to write to them, they use the military to suppress my head to drink the polluted Waters again, am use to it.

Suffering and smiling when the oil big men visited our palace, town hall, our women organized themselves with a dance party to welcome them with dry fishes from the polluted waters, they collected it without appreciation.

Oil, yes our oil is meant for the few men with wide stomach, those with big spoon collected without thank you, they sent the khaki men to chase us the men away, then our girls they gave free pregnancy under a romance of duress.

When our brothers used small spoons, they called it oil theft, but the last time we saw vessels in our sea loaded with the black gold with fraud uniforms, are they not thieves?

Our children were in school at Oporozama and when the war plane urinated on them, many died, when they urinated Ayakoroma, and Bobougbeneama, it was mass buried we had
The south south Naija, our tears wasn’t heard.

Shut up! your resources or
your life? they took the resources and our lives, those who escaped from them, could only come back to eat chemically sicked fishes our creeks.

Those who have the strength to speak they hang them to death.

When Odokorikodo stand for the region, the Khaki men flew over our roofs with all chemicals for our untimely death.

They also tell us to use our own hands to steal for them, we in our deep ignorance burst the pipes, then they came back to reinnovate them with billions as profits.

We help them to killed the environment they have murdered, and become a victim of death.
I have being a victim, what about you?

Once, they are through with us, once the resources is no longer a valid commodity. They will concentrate on theirs and bring in white basin for us to full it with tears.

If you are not aware, then they might have that time divided the country, and gave you empty polluted land.

I woke up, it was a dream.

Happy #WorldPoetryDay2021

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