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NDDC: Controversy over who occupies chairmanship between Edo, Delta

By Our Reporter

Former Edo State Deputy Governor, Dr. Pius Odubu’s name will not be submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari when he sends the list of Niger Delta Development Commission(NDDC) Board Members to the Senate any moment from now.

Sources close to Odubu disclosed that someone from Delta was likely going to occupy the commission.

President Buhari communicated last week to the Senate for his intention to reconstitute the board.

It would be recalled that the list of board members was sent to the Senate last year with Dr. Odubu as its chairman.

The Senate immediately confirmed all but one.

Trouble, however, started when the governors of Niger Delta states protested vehemently to the president that it was the turn of Delta State to occupy the chairmanship position.

The position is rotated among the states in the Niger Delta.

“The body language of the President is clear that the board chairmanship will be given to Delta.

“We now know that it is not the turn of Edo State and therefore Odubu’s name will not likely be submitted,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, reports have it that Dr. Pius Odubu is already eyeing the number one seat of Edo State as its governor.

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