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Mr. Ekomieyefa Uduboh
Mr. Ekomieyefa Uduboh

A leader and Niger Delta business magnet, Mr. Ekomieyefa Uduboh have stated that his dream is to see his maternal hometown Taribor community, the traditional headquarters of Tubutoru Kingdom, in Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State becomes a paradise.

Mr. Ekomieyefa made the promise during an interview with Gbaramatu Voice after the successful coronation of the first Monarch of Tubutoru Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Pere Gbebokedi Ajiri-Oba, Oguruyeke, Okirimini 1 of Tubutoru Kingdom.

According to him “Our plan is to turn this place into a paradise. So, anything that can develop human being, we are working towards that, to make sure we get all those things that we are supposed to enjoy.” Mr. Ekomieyefa stated.

Speaking further, the philanthropist opine that the emergence of the new king is a blessing to the entire kingdom, stressing that the people have long yearn for a messiah that will champion their cause as a people living in a terrible condition

“You know, it is something everybody is celebrating and it is something the Tubutoru people cannot forget. In our lifetime we have never experience such thing. We are seeing people from different parts of the country coming to celebrate with us. We are happy that we now have somebody that can speak for us.” Uduboh said.

Commenting on his dual citizenship of both Gbaramatu and Tubutoru Kingdoms in Delta and Ondo states on how he hopes to satisfy the both, the leader added “That is where the grace of God will speak. I am not doing this with my own power, it is God that is supplying me, so God will give me the resources to satisfy my people, both Delta and Ondo State.”

However, Gbaramatu Voice gathered that Mr. Ekomieyefa Uduboh has single handedly sponsored a dredging and canalization project in the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC to connect the entire Tubutoru Kingdom in Odigbo Local Government Area of the State.

Our correspondent observed that the said project is the only Government presence in the area particularly Taribo community, the headquarters of Tubutoru Kingdom. With the canalization project completed by KFT Uduboh Nigeria Limited the inhabitants of the Kingdom can now freely access Taribor and other parts within the Local Government and the state through the river

“It is initiated by me, not anybody. That is the only project in this area that the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) or the Federal Government have done, it is the only thing. I enacted that project and thank God I got the project and I did it. So, my people are enjoying it, and I am enjoying it as well.” Mr. Ekomieyefa Stated.

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