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MOSOP USA calls on Buhari to order end to gas flaring in Niger Delta

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People in the United States (MOSOP USA) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to order the discontinuation of gas flaring in Ogoniland and Niger Delta area.

In a letter signed by Elder DineBari Augustine Kpuinen, President, MOSOP USA, noted that gas flaring contribute to the causes of climate change.

In the letter addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari, and titled “The Appointment of an Ogoni and the Ogoni Cleanup” the group said “As a matter of urgency, MOSOP USA demands to stop all gas flaring in Ogoni and the Niger Delta area to achieve desirable results during the cleanup.

“Gas flaring is the primary cause of climate change and is identified as the silent killer of Niger Delta inhabitants.”

Also, the group demanded for the revalidation of the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) report, a template used in the cleanup of Ogoniland in Rivers State.

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They stressed that since 2011 the environment has witnessed several spills, which has damaged the area more than twice as contained in the UNEP report.

“In 2011, the United Nations Environmental Program finalized a study of the Ogoni environment, submitted a report to the Federal Government, and classified it to demand urgent attention. Yet, eleven years after, nothing has been done. Not even one of its several recommendations has been satisfactorily implemented.

“The Report issued by the UNEP in 2011 on the Ogoni environment and the various tests conducted is now obsolete because they have only ten years of lifespan. Illegal bunkering, fresh oil spillages, and pipe blowouts have devastated the area twice more than reported.

“In addition, black soot now rains in the area. Black soots are the poisonous, dangerous chemical that rains in Ogoni and the Niger Delta. These black soots cause internal bleeding, which is one of the fundamental reasons Ogoni people die more.

“The increased death rate in Ogoni is because of more deadly diseases and infections traceable to the drinking of infected hydrocarbon water, eating poisonous acid infected vegetations and crops, and breathing polluted air.

“The recent oil spills in our rivers, creeks, swamps, and sea; and the illegal manual refineries make the UNEP Report of 2011 obsolete. Ogoniland desires to be thoroughly and promptly reassessed.”

The Ogonis in diaspora further called on President Buhari to invite the UNEP to carry out the second reassessment of Ogoni.

However, the group thanked the President for the appointment of Dr. Ferdinand Giadom, an Ogoni, as the Project Coordinator of Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP).

They noted that the cleanup of Ogoni land is far more critical and should be given the attention and financial support it deserves.

“Unfortunately, shreds of evidence abound whereby such appointments amount to window dressing and funds allocated for the cleanup project grossly mismanaged.

“Therefore, your push for the return of oil production in Ogoni through NNPC in violation of the UNEP guidelines is unacceptable. The pollution in Ogoni is real and has negatively impacted the lives of our people in every way, hence your timely intervention.

“So far, and on your watch, an estimated $360 million have been spent on the so-called cleanup in Ogoni with nothing to show for it. While on the other hand, BP has spent an estimated $71 billion on cleanup and compensation for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico over 10 years ago.”

The group added “Mr. President will agree with MOSOP USA that occasional cosmetic appointments to massage the ego of selfish politicians are not synonymous with implementing the UNEP Report recommendations, nor solving the problems of the Ogoni people.

“Therefore, Ogoni earnestly deserves a Marshall Plan that encapsulates the complete and uncompromising implementation of the UNEP Report, the Ogoni Bill of Rights, and the exoneration and immortalization of the Ogoni Nine. Anything short of this will amount to window dressing – a time bomb that will devastate the Niger Delta area and beyond if not preemptively detonated.”

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