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Man Summons Family Meeting After His Wife Gave Him Different Bedroom Styles 

A Nigerian man reportedly summoned a family meeting because of the different bedroom styles his wife gave him, which were completely new and strange to him.

The story was shared by a caller during a phone-in session on a Family Radio Programme, saying the incident happened at a village where he was serving as a corp member in Ebonyi state.

According to the narrator, the husband hadn’t experienced the different styles his wife gave him, so he had to pause during the act to ask where she learnt the various styles from.

The wife responded that she had been watching adult movies lately, but her husband wasn’t satisfied with her explanation as he assumed that she might have learnt them from cheating on him with different men and was pretending to responsible all along.

He then summoned his wife’s family members, and told them to ask their daughter to confess where she learnt the ‘ strange positions’ from, since she had never ever given it to him that way in their 3 years of marriage.

She again told them that she learnt it from watching adult movies, which shocked the family members as they expressed shock that she could be watching such ‘demonic’ movies knowing she’s married woman.

They condemned her actions, and tried to plead with the husband to believe his wife, but he was adamant and said if she didn’t mention the men she had been sleeping with, she should forget about the marriage.

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