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Man defiles his younger brother’s 5yr old daughter

By Ebi Jones

Pandemonium broke loose in Bomadi, Bomadi Local Government Area of Delta state on yesterday as a 54 year old Okunbiri was allegedly caught defiling a 5 year old daughter of his younger brother.

Our reporter gathered that the little girl cried out which attracted the attention of Okunbiri’s wife who saw her husband pant down with the brat.

His wife said that her husband had incessantly been caught in the shrewd act and she had rebuked the husband but he would not listen only to resort to molesting her.

When Okunbiri’s wife could not bear the brunt of her husband taking the canal knowledge of the 5 year old, she reported the matter to the Bomadi community leadership.

“I saw him in the act and this he can’t deny; according to the child, my husband inserted his penis on her buttocks,” the wife said.

When asked, members of the extended family, confirmed that the said man was a regular pedophilia in the quarter.

Okunbiri however confessed to the press that he manhandled the little girl but  pleaded for forgiveness. He pointed at the wife as the major problem that had always led him to being a sex nuisance because she was in the act of denying him sex.

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