IJAW – A poem by the Kalasuwe of Apoi land

IJAW - A poem by the Kalasuwe of Apoi land

IJAW: A poem composed and dedicated to Ijaw nation by Pere (Prof.) Sunday Amuseghan, Lawe II, The Kalasuwe and Paramount Ruler of Apoi land in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo state.


Ijaw, I salute you,
Your dogged fight,
In truth for love for all,
Your wisdom, and fearful voice,
Inherited from our progenitor, Ijaw,

Egbesu, and Oborowei, and water spirits,
The angelic spirit defenders,
The Supreme God of all nations,
One God, the Creator of heaven and earth,
We all believe, worship all the time,
Shall deliver our land for us,
The Ijaw name, title and land and resources,

Our rights, we all defend,
To Ijaw children flowing like rivers,
From the source far away,
Flowing, and penetrating,
The Sea of life, where we dwell,
Where water and oil flow together,
By God’s Guide,
Ijaw, penetrate a virgin,
A prosperous land, and living waters ,
In the name of Niger Delta Region,
Our jealous fatherland,
Is our God own nation,

Like Israel, our victory is sure,
We will possess and rule our fatherland fully.
A nation of heroes and entrepreneurs,
The land and rivers ,
All resources, our living portions ,
The resources, we will not surrender,
The land and Ijaws, we will defend,
Isaac Boro lives on,
The spirit of our ancestors will fight for us,

Equity justice, and fairness, UN Charters for all are our testaments,
Until all is ours, we will not rest,
This is Ijaw facrum truth,
The Ogoni Nine, Saro-Wiwa, a hero,
Paid a supreme sacrifice,
More sacrifices for total wins for us,
In God of our ancestors,
We believe and trust,
So help us God.

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