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I will remarry soon… Emmanuel Uduaghan’s daughter, Orode, opens up on her marriage

Many a woman go into wedlock goaded by unrealistic fantasies of bliss. In marriage, they are constantly hatching an enormous number of false ideas, conceits, Utopias, mystical explanations, suspicions, and megalomaniacal fantasies, which disappear when brought into contact with the brutal reality of matrimony and their better half. It took Orode Uduaghan one crashed marriage to realise and accept this fact.

The daughter of the former Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan, suffered an agonising end to her marriage with Ryan Okpu few years ago. So shaken was she by the experience that she took a wide berth from the marital shores. Orode persistently rued her loss and scorned the gender mating dance wondering if it was actually worth the hype.

Few years since the crash of her marriage, Orode has re-emerged from the ashes of her misfortune wiser and more mature.

She has realised that there’s no dignity being a single mother hence her fervent prayers for a serious suitor to whom she could try marriage for the second time. Yes, Orode intends to remarry and she is dreaming and praying seriously about it.

According to her, “It’s not easy filling in the gap. I am living my dreams. I am not trying to be an awesome mum for the world to see that all is well and good, no. Sometimes all is not well, sometimes it difficult. I mean, it was hard- it still is hard. It’s not the funniest thing that I wanted, it was what I had to do to be honest; it really all boils down to God.

“There are still dark days, there are still days where I ask myself some questions, should I have been better, should I have seen signs, what mistakes did I make? But the moment when God really stepped into the picture for me was when it became easier. I enjoy the gift of marriage, knowing what God intended for marriage and I want to experience it properly someday.

“I want to be married. I tell God every day that you are going to bring me a man that I will enjoy marriage with. By God’s grace, I will marry again of course, it’s a beautiful thing when done right and in God.”-Thisday


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