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The people of Burutu Local Government Area, Delta state have been called upon to wake up from the bed of conflict and chaos they have so long laid and give room for change that would affect their life positively.

Hon. Ebimaye Bebenimibo, an aspirant into Delta State House of Assembly, Burutu North, in the forthcoming 2019 general election, while making this call, in the presentation of her manifesto said the people have so long traded the dream of the local government for the nightmare of stagnation and paralysis by voting incompetent hands, saying it is time to vote new and fresh hands who would change the tide of the local government for good.

“We shortchange the sovereignty of the Burutu people for Executive haughtiness, parliamentary dominion and brazen disempowerment of the citizenry; it is time for us to change.” she said.

The former student leader promised to embark on an adventure of faith that would change Burutu into a land where truth, justice and liberty reign, assuring that such seeds of truth, justice and liberty would definitely yield harvests of unity and progress that have long eluded Burutu.

Hon. Bebenimibo who promised to use the chambers of the State House Assembly to prepare a new bed for communities under her constituency, also vowed to channel her energy in enshrining certain bedrock principles that are indispensable to peace and progress if elected.

She pledged never to mortgage her conscience for filthy lucre and earthly possessions either within or outside the Delta State House of Assembly, rather strived for that which is noble and of good report.

The business woman turned politician also promised to sponsor educational award debate, sponsor bill on compulsory state primary school meal to nurture and nourish primary and junior school feeding, provide scholarship and bursary, establishment and funding of cooperative for all women, befitting housing and legal backing for the oppressed and deprived women and youths if elected.

She vowed to consistently seek a means of reducing the burdensome cost of governance with the aim of making funds available for capital projects which would result in rapid modernization of infrastructure that would enhance the lives of the people of her constituency

She said by electing her into Delta State House of Assembly, a glorious future beckons on Burutu, admitting that though such a future requires sacrifice, she was ready to take up the challenge.

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