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Architect AZAIYE DOUGBEGHA PINIKI, aka PINAZA 1 is one very influential Niger Delta born icon that deserves to be celebrated as he clocks 49 today.

To many, Piniki is considered the archetype of his profession; he is brash and unapologetic about his ideas, he experiment and test the limits of materiality and construction, and he is never afraid to put a client in their place when they went against his designs and it is this unwavering confidence and brilliant mind that made him one of the greatest—if not the greatest—Niger Delta architect of all time.

Azaiye Piniki, is a standout architect. He regularly extends the metaphorical middle finger to traditional design, producing some of the most innovative and quirky buildings of the modern era.

His work is completely distinctive, with many of them, including his home town, Benikrukru community in Gbaramatu kingdom having become tourist attractions due to their unique aesthetic.

While most of Piniki’s work is iconic – one of his most noticeable buildings is the Take-off campus of the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko in Gbaramatu kingdom, Delta state.

Probably the most recognisable structures in the creeks of the Niger Delta, the Kurutie take-off campus of the Nigerian Maritime University, was designed by this Gbaramatu born  architect AZAIYE DOUGBEGHA PINIKI.

Arch. Azaiye Piniki

We can continue to go on and on without stopping in talking about the architectural legacies that this great Niger Delta born architect have put in place.

Besides being a master in the architectural world, Piniki also portends high quality of activism, he tries to always speak for the down throden.

A well known philanthropist and would come up with progressive ideas to better his people.

What more can we say than to say, may God continue to guide and protect you in all that you do.

Happy Birthday to our all time architect!

From the Management, Staff and Editor-in-Chief of Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper

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