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Cleanpick Green Nigeria launches environmental sustainability programme in Ogulagha communities

…Enlightens stakeholders on the dangers of climate change

As part of its efforts to create awareness about climate change and promote environmental sustainability, the Cleanpick Green Nigeria, a Non Governmental Organization, has launched environmental sustainability programme in Ogulagha Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

This was revealed to GbaramatuVoice, on Saturday August 14, 2021, during a chat with the Prince of Ogulagha kingdom, Desmond Timiyan and the Princess of Oghara Kingdom, Omeyoma Eshemitan, the initiators of the programme.

Cleanpick Green Nigeria team led Princess of Oghara and Ogulagha Kingdoms during Ogulagha seashore clean-up exercise in Ogulagha Town.

Prince Timiyan, Princess Eshemitan and of course the entire Cleanpick Green Nigeria team, predominantly made up of youths from the community, came out to clean the shore line of Ogulagha community which they explained was inimical to human health and the ecosystem. 

Cleanpick Green Nigeria team fighting plastic pollution in Ogulagha communities 

They also used the programme to activate a system/structure that would encourage recycling and give back value to the people within the kingdom. 

According to them, climate change is a real and big issue that most people are ignorant about especially in third world countries and gravely in rural communities within.

Members of Cleanpick Green Nigeria during the clean-up exercise in Ogulagha seashore 

It further noted that with the recent IPCC report, the urgency to take actions for environmental sustainability cannot be overemphasized; the group observed that Ogulagha is a beautiful community situated in the riverine area of Delta state. Majority of the people’s means of livelihood is through fishing.

 They however added that the area is being threatened by the plastic pollution in the river. “This becomes more frightening particularly as it has been reported that by 2030 we will have more plastics in the ocean than fishes if nothing is done to combat such development. This is why we are left with no other option than to intervene. They concluded.

 While stating that the programme has come to stay, the duo added that they will launch waste plastic management education programme to help create more awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution as well as encourage an arrangement where specific waste materials will be collected from the people in exchange for valuable items such as fishing net, iron and writing materials.

 Continuing, they commended the support and willingness of the members of the community to effective change. And used the opportunity provided to enlighten various community stakeholders on the reality of climate change and importance of environmental sustainability.

 The Prince and the Princess of Oghara Kingdoms further told GbaramatuVoice that they have made it a point of duty to always come together with other youths in the community under the auspices of Cleanpick Green Nigeria to ensure environmental sustainability for the benefit of humanity.

 The initiators finally praised Emotoghan Osteen Timiyan, Cleanpick operations manager, for his hard work and dedication to Environmental sustainability in the community of Ogulagha and the entire youths for actively participating to ensure environmental sustainability and development within the community.

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