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ALERT: Niger Delta group announces planned attacks on Agip oil facilities

The Niger Delta Activists Forum (NDAF) has warned of planned attacks on oil facilities in the Niger Delta belonging to Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC).

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, the group said host communities in the region have declared ‘Operation zero barrels’ for the company over its “disregard and total disrespect” for the residents.

The group had earlier given the company a 14-day ultimatum to recruit members of the host communities into its staff or risk “total and complete shutdown”.

Success Jack, the convener of the group, said the host communities are aggrieved as a result of NAOC’s alleged gross violations of human rights, non-implementation of previous agreements, and pollution of land and waterways in the Niger Delta.

He said efforts to broker peace failed because the company was “adamant and succeeded in truncating that effort at achieving peace.”

“On a final note, we want to further draw the attention of all relevant government agencies to the fact that the resolve by these communities is real and any effort to remedy things is still highly welcomed,” he said.

“We are aware from our interactions with these people, that at any time from 00hrs on Wednesday, June 20, ‘Operation zero barrels for NAOC’ begins.

“We call on Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) to immediately embrace dialogue rather than being oppressive. Let them give peace a chance and activate the process for a win-win outcome.

“You cannot continue to violate our people, break and disregard our laws and disobey our government.

“At this juncture, we are clearly at our limits of providing leadership and peaceful coordination. We hereby leave the situation to float on with the communities to continue in whatever direction they have chosen for and by themselves.”

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