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2023 PRESIDENTIAL POLL: Why Delta State Fell For Peter Obi Of Labour Party

2023 PRESIDENTIAL POLL: Why Delta State Fell For Peter Obi Of Labour Party

The Saturday, February 25, 2023, Presidential and National Assembly elections may have come and gone, but the order it has introduced in Delta state, South-South political zone of Nigeria may linger for a very long time as the people of the state clearly switched loyalty to the former Governor of Anambra state and Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi.

Going by the results as released, Labour Party (LP) gave a distant lead with 341,866 votes, PDP 161,600, APC – 90,183 and NNPP – 3,122, among others. From the result, it is obvious that a new political structure and players have emerged in the state.

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For those that are abreast with the political developments in the country, the state before now used to be the stronghold of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). But the result of the Presidential and National Assembly polls which gave overwhelming victory to the Labour Party Candidate shows that things have changed.

From Burutu, Uvwie Local Government Council to Bomadi, down to Patani. From Warri North Local Government to the South and Warri South West Local Government Areas of the state, the story is not different. Mr Peter Obi recorded a landslide victory.

Details of the electoral exercise further shows that the coastal communities were not the only areas that seemingly rejected the Peoples Democratic Party in the state as all the local Government Councils in the state did. It was indeed an organized resentment.

Let’s look at the detailed results as released by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC).

Ika South
APC – 3290
LP – 17868
PDP – 7485

Aniocha North
APC – 1146
LP – 11678
PDP – 3783

Ethiope West
APC – 3850
LP – 10199
PDP – 5463

Oshimili North
APC – 1688
LP – 14929
PDP – 4796

Ika North-East
APC – 1902
LP – 8980
PDP – 16696

APC – 2,421
LP – 3,134
PDP – 4,429

Ndokwa West
APC – 3,840
LP – 12,889
PDP- 8,760

Warri North
APC – 1,379
LP – 2,417
PDP – 3,411

Aniocha South
APC – 1,686
LP – 14,208
PDP – 4,672

Ethiope East
APC – 6,314
LP – 10,808
PDP – 7,854

APC – 2,946
LP – 11,239
PDP – 6013

Ndokwa East
APC – 3,752
LP – 7,756
PDP – 5,996

APC – 2,270
LP – 2,700
PDP – 3,346

APC – 4,605
LP – 5,745
PDP – 7,147

APC – 4,099
LP – 17,408
PDP – 6,168

Oshimili South
APC – 894
LP – 40,085
PDP – 2,790

APC – 4,773
LP – 10,754
NNPP – 41
PDP – 8,326

APC – 3,033
LP – 36,302
NNPP – 229
PDP – 3,375

APC – 11,196
LP – 22,589
NNPP – 198
PDP – 9,241

APC – 8,877
LP – 9,790
NNPP – 93
PDP – 10,244

Warri South
Labour Party 13289
PDP 7653
APC 1234

APC – 4,937
LP – 18,579
NNPP – 120
PDP – 4,836

Isoko South
APC 4,451
LP 18,166
PDP 7,039

Warri South-West
APC 2,857
LP 2,591
PDP 3,183

Isoko North
Labour Party 17765.
PDP 8254
APC 2734

Investigation from Aniocha North Local Government Council by our reporter reveals that the people are particularly not happy with Okowa’s leadership style. They told GbaramatuVoice that Okowa is a greedy man who cornered development to his local Government Council without considering others.

Even Ika North East, the Okowa’s own Local Government is being contested as many believe that it was won by the Labour party but was manipulated by Okowa’s rigging machines. This, accordingly explains why that result was rejected by INEC who discovered traces of over voting.

While many of the Deltans expressed satisfaction over the development, some described a vote of no confidence to both the Delta state government and Federal Government that serially promised to develop the region but abysmally failed.

To the rest, Delta as a state have in the past eight (8) years cheated the people of the region in ways that have made restitution becomes a costly process; no education, no housing, unemployment, poor healthcare facilities. These are the bitter tablets of oppression the people of the coastal communities have taken for the period under review. Now, this neglect has accumulated ‘interest and its cost for these current leaders has become substantial in financial and human terms.

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