Uduaghan: A noiseless political achiever at 66


Asamaigọ, you should always be recognized for all of your efforts and the many sacrifices you have made for our dear state, but especially so on your special day.

While at the helm of Delta State as two-term democratically-elected Governor of Delta State, not only did you seamlessly adapt to address the emerging challenges from the persistent crises that we faced as a state, but even out of government you are also always striving to make things better with new approaches and such unfaltering determination.

The job you did with your simple three-point Agenda of Human Capital Development, Infrastructural Development, Peace&Security was truly mesmerizing and you are an exemplary leader for future generations who wish to follow the world of politics. A leader who doesn’t have to let blood to achieve government’s will -still wondering how hard it was for you to make governance seem so easy.

You have many fantastic qualities but among the top of them have to be that you are incredibly calm in the face of turbulence, dependable, trustworthy and you are always there to offer your wisdom, which benefits each and every one of us for the greater good.

One striking secret I have to share with the world since working closely with you is that as one gets closer to you, his or her words become fewer.
You have guided us all in the right direction and motivated us to do our very best.

I just wanted you to know on your birthday day how much you are admired and respected. Thank you for being such a wonderful leader!

~Monoyo Edon
Your media man, as you fondly refer to me

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