THE INSPIRATION OF 2023 ELECTION: It’s Nigerians turn (Wo ke latei)


In the annals of human existence, historical facts has shown over time that, the biggest political wars/battles are not fought and won on the battlefields but on the minds of the individual.

The victory envisioned will determine the length of planning and strategies to which such triumph will be actualized.

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It is therefore, imperative for the planner to firmly believe in winning as the victory in the field is decided in the mind. Thus the mind must first be conditioned to seeing the victory and activate the steps for attaining such.

It is in this regard Jean Paul Sartre stated that “A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost”.

The importance of this assertion was recently put to test by Senator Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu with his ‘Emi lokan’ innuendo in Abeokuta, Ogun State-Nigeria where he astringently fought the minds of his party powers that be (including the President)and won the party’s presidential ticket before even going into the battle field. The rest they say is now history!

The very question that comes to mind is, what could have given BAT the very boldness to utter such profound statement? It could only because he had taken time to carefully plan and had won in his mind.

Again, many Nigerians have questioned and queried his effrontery little did they know that it was his winning strike that broke-the-camel-back at the All Progressives Congress (APC) primaries where he won the party ticket without throwing a dart in the battlefield at Buhari, Osinbajo and other powers.

He had hit the red-iron at Abeokuta when it was red-hot .

The ‘ Emi lokan’ innuendo reverberates the milieu that those who must win battles must understand the time and season to fight. The Tinubu’s paradigm offers election visualizers and the Nigerian electorates more to be desired-that Nigerians can as well choose this time and activate their mental revolution and win what they ask for even before making the demand during the Election Day in 2023.

The time and the season is here.

Nigerians must see the beauty in the Tinubu’s entanglement with the whirlwind, his chaotic time and the vista of opportunities it threw open for him and strike the already red-iron now. If Tinubu did it without fighting the Buhari and his Team on the battlefield, only but made a demand when he knew it was the right time-It was just the Abeokuta’s ‘ Emi Lokan’.

It is our assumption that the country Nigerians desire will only be a fantasy and an illusion except they master the art of taking it back from the Cancerous Leaders feeding on it.

It’s now Nigerians turn (WO KE LATEI). Nigerians have to master the Tinubu’s art of making the legitimate demand with their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) on the 2023 elections-It’s that simple demand. The demand to break-free from these Siamese-twins of political misrule and elect competent leaders is now or never.

Nigerians must now see the victory in the battlefield in their mind and work towards realising that. Nigerians must now take back the state that belong to them which their rights have been surrendered to.

It’s a demand to change Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world. It is a legitimate demand- It comes with a price, after all it will not come on a platter of gold, and that price is a rise above Religion, a rise above Political Parties, a rise above regions and a rise for competency, accountability and proven track record.

Nigerians have to understand that, it’s Nigeria and Nigerians turn this time around. Nigerians and well-meaning Nigerians have to take the MANY-BULLS-BY- THE-HORNS, sacrifice and make strategic choices in the forthcoming 2023 elections. History shall be kind to them.

Nigerians must know that to these Politicians, it is still business as usual. Their primary aim is to continue to overload the Bourdillon-Bullion-Vans with your oil money against your collective resolve for an egalitarian, prosperous and peaceful nation. The calculation of this Siamese-twin is to yet again create blind trust to hold their asset in the Intels through GTCN. That is why; they boldly boast that “it’s their turn today and tomorrow”. These people hate your country in their bones and they are selfishly wicked and are out there looking for the last hope of the country to destroy.

The electorates/Nigerians

The electorates and Nigerians must arise this time and shout aloud from mount CHAPPAL WADDI that it’s Nigeria and of course Nigerians turn and not their’s.

Its Nigerians turn because you understand the burden of insecurity, dark-poverty, dire dearth in the educational system in the country, epileptic power generation and supply, poor infrastructures, economic conundrum etc.

Nigerians arise and confront this political misrule in your county, head-on and fight this social malady. You must and have to pull-down this political-elephant before it shatters you. You got to bring down this TOWER-OF-BABEL .

You must come out with your PVC and confuse them and scatter them from this political terrain once and for all.
You have to make an equivocal demand with your PVC during Election Day come 2023. Just a demand with your vote!

This you must do for the many decades of misrule you have endured repeatedly through lack and pain like a mother in a delivering moment. You must vote them all-out so as to feel your wrath and pains. You must not be social media commentator but a PVC carrying voter.

THE INSPIRATION OF 2023 ELECTION: It's Nigerians turn (Wo ke latei)
Lubi & Rufus

They would yet again, surreptitiously sow fear and discord in you, but persist for there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Arise O Nigerians, for it is your turn and not their turn-Obey this call to making Nigeria work once again.

A stitch in time saves nines.

This is the time for Nigerians. Place that legitimate demand right in your minds. Nigerians must get the country back through the ballots because it’s their turn.


Chief Daudoubira Lubi (JP)
is a researcher, System Analyst, Data Visualizer, Social Commentator, and a Teacher.

Comr. Rufus Walter Perejitei, a political scientist, International Relation guru and public analyst.

Write from Elizade University where they are both enjoy their researches.

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