Royal majesties mission to Ijaw holy land a welcome development – Gbanraun Union

By Brakerebina Birinimighan

The Gbanraun Union (GU) has expressed delight with the spiritual trip to Agadagba-Bou by some Ijaw monarchs recently.

In a statement signed by Chief Godspower Gbenekama, Fiyewei of Gbaramatu Kingdom and Barrister MacDonald Igbadiwei, Ibe-Bebefiyewei of Gbanraun Kingdom, Gbanraun Union stressed that “Agadagba-Bou (Ijaw Holy Land) is the cradle of our indigenous religious belief of WOYEIN/WOYEINGI of the Ijaw Nation.

“We are excited to note that the mission to Agadagba-bou will now be a yearly affair as we look forward to see more and more traditional rulers from Ijaw Nation to visit the Holy Land.

“We rejoice with our Royal Majesties for the fortification and strengthening that follow the sacred mission, knowing fully well that it will translate to more understanding and wisdom in the rulership of our people as well as will bring about peace, unity and development of our country, particularly as the 2019 election is around the corner.

“Your prayers for peace, unity and prosperity on arrival from Agadagba-bou for Ijaw Nation and Nigeria in general will surely come to pass. We appreciate the healing items you brought from the Ijaw Holy Land as they will be blessings to individuals and families as we look forward to testimonies in your next year’s mission to the sacred land.”

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