Tantita Honored with Daily Independent’s Security Company of the Year Award

Tantita Security Services in perspective

LAGOS: Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited, on Saturday received the prestigious Daily Independent newspapers Security Company Award for 2023, lauded for its relentless fight against oil theft in Nigeria.

Tantita, under the leadership of High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, commonly known as Tompolo, has been instrumental in the fight against illegal oil bunkering, contributing to the nation’s improved economy.

Dr. Paul Bebenimibo, speaking on behalf of Tompolo and Tantita Management, expressed gratitude for the recognition and pledged to continue the battle against bunkerers.

Bebenimibo said, “The Chairman, board and management of Tantita Security Company Limited, expressed our gratitude to the Daily Independent Newspaper for this Award.

“This is the fifth month of the year, and Tantita has already been recognised by three national newspapers.

“According to the Bible, Matthew 18:16, … in the mouth of two or three witnesses, a word is established. These awards are to show that Tantita is doing a humane job in the oil and gas industry.

“We are poised to see that Nigeria oil output will hit 2million barrel per day, and we will make sure that we do our best to sanitize the oil and gas industry of illegal activities, and surely by God’s grace we will hit the 2million barrel per day in no distance time.

“Tantita is not alone in doing this job, the military has been very supportive, the NSCDC, the Nigerian Police, DSS, they have been supportive and we’re all doing this job to achieve this great milestone that we’ve achieved so far.

“So we’re calling on them to continue to have faith with Tantita in joining hands for us to take our country to the desired place in terms of oil and gas production.

“It’s a known thing, we’re on the neck of illegal bunkerers, and we’ve arrested more than two vessels just only this year too.

“And we want to pass this message to those that are part of these illegal activities to keep clear from the oil industries because we know where they hide. Tantita will go after them and will make sure we put them where they belong.” He added

Earlier in his opening speech, Managing Editor/Editor-in-chief of Daily Independent newspapers, Steve Omanufeme congratulated all the awardees.

According to him, “We are here celebrating excellence and I know that most of you who have been chosen have done so well in your respective areas, states, in politics, business and administration. So it’s just my honour to welcome you to this ceremony. And I wish you night of fun. Thank you very muchly.” He added.

On his part , Rt. Hon. Julius Pondi, Member representing Burutu Federal Constituency said, “I feel very great that Tantita has been recognised for her efforts in securing national assets that have greatly increased oil revenue in our country and the government of the day, led by our president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to have the resources to do projects and governance.

“It’s a good thing that Tantita is occupying a front burner in security issues in our country, and they’re doing that very well, and I’m very happy to be associated with the family that’s driving Tantita.

“I was also on the trip that went to the creek to see for ourselves the progress made by Tantita, and we promised that we’re going to give every necessary support not only to Tantita but to every other company that’s doing us good in our national assets we stand by that word.

“We’re working on what we can do to ensure that Tantita is given the acknowledgement and recognition in the committee of states.

“But one thing that is very certain is the fact that Tantita has really improved the production in this country. We also acknowledged during our last visit what Tantita is doing is on the shallow waters, but major criminality is not just happening in the shallow waters but, of course in the deep waters.

“So we did also recommend that if the government would do a little further by also ensuring that Tantita or similar companies like Tantita should be given the opportunity to watch our coastal deep waters so as to stop this attitude of stealing our crude.

“What is happening in shallow waters is a child’s play compared to what is happening in the deep waters. Nigerian’s effort should be focused, actually.

“Tantita has done well and we must commend them. I’m proud that they’ve been acknowledged across the country for their immense contribution to sustaining oil production in our country.

“If you were familiar with their activities in the creeks 3years ago, before Tantita came into been, you can now draw a line between what they’ve gotten so far and where we’re coming from.

“So I think that it’s one venture that every sane Nigerian is very happy about and be very willing to be supportive that the oil theft is clean up once and for all. And i to really appeal to Mr. President that this is what should be sustained so that we can continue to not only pursue meet our target, but also to meet it and also to surpass it.” He added.

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