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•Charges military to go after bunkers and not innocent people

• As IYC expresses worries on the silence of Governor Okowa

A coalition of Communities in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State have raised yet another alarm over what they described as pending invasion while stressing that the military should be professional in their conducts.

This was contained in a Press statement issued by the communities spokesman, Comr. Sheriff Mulade yesterday who noted that the alleged planned military invasion under the guise of searching for illegal bunkering activities in flow stations at Abiteye in Benikrukru, Jones Creek and Utonana in Kokodiagbene, as well as Makaraba flow stations condemns the plan in strong terms.

According to the statement, the affected communities appeals to security agencies to go after the various camps where illegal oil activities are being carried out, as none of the communities in Gbaramatu kingdom is said to be involved in such act while alleging that the kingdom is host to oil and gas flow stations.

The statement read. “If the security agencies want to apprehend those involved in illegal oil bunkering, they should go after their men on ground whose check points are not far away from the camps, instead of innocent community people.”

It added: ” the news about the planned military invasion this weekend has created tension among the residents of the aforementioned communities who now live in fear, while some are relocating to nearby communities for safety.

“We are therefore, appealling to President Muhammadu Buhari and the military personnel to jettison the alleged plan to invade Gbaramatu communities, and instead go after the illegal bunkers in the creeks.” Mulade appeals.

The communities further tasked security agencies to be professional in their modus operandi of the tension filled exercise within the Niger Delta region while noting that the people have been deprived and marginalized for too long as he cautions the military not to create unnecessary tension

In a similar manner, the Ijaw Youth Council, Gbaramatu Clan Chapter, through its information officer, Comr. Godswill Wuruyai have called on President Mohammadu Buhari to call the military to order, emphasising that Gbaramatu Kingdom is not a camp for illegal bunkers.

Comr. Godswill also expresses worries over the silence of the Delta State Governor, His Excellency Senator, Dr. Arthur Ifeanyin Okowa in what he described as the face of glaring injustice meted out on the people of Gbaramatu Kingdom.

The statement read in part: “Our attention has been drawn to rumour that is wildly gaining relevance that there is a well thought out plan by the Nigerian Military to raid Gbaramatu Kingdom in the guise of tracking illegal bunkers around the area. We also learned that over two thousand military men are been hosted in Sapele, receiving special combat skills on how to pulverize our vulnerable communities.

“It became imperative for us to respond proactively to this tension raising issue due to the fact that Gbaramatu was actually militarized with a lot of gun boats on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Towards the noon hours, these boats took formation at the waterfront of Oporoza, with full showcase of their military artilleries. Everyone scampered into the forest for safety due to fear of the unknown.”

The statement added “We want to inform the president and the world at large that our communties are not camps to illegal bunkers. Hence, to chase us out from our ancestral dwellings like traitors for such baseless assumption is not fair at all.

“The silent of the State Governor on matters of injustice metted of the Gbaramatu man is another serious concern to us. This has brought *us to raise* salient questions that we need clarifications on: Is it that Gbaramatu Kingdom is no longer part of Delta State? Or is that the the governor is no longer in charge of the state? If not so, the governor should take charge of the state and be more proactive in its affair most especially, protecting members of the state from incessant military harassment.

“The innocent students that were arrested at Oporoza on March 28th, 2016 are yet to gain freedom. The only offence by these boys is that they are males to have hailed from Gbaramatu Kingdom. We are really perturbed abou this because some of our brothers will always be in the communities owing to the fact that they have no where else to go to and just like the Oporoza 10, once they are caught, they might be labelled members of the  Avengers or oil bunkers.

“The military might of a nation is suppose to be useful in protecting the territorial integrity of the state and not to subjugate and intimidate law abiding citizens.” The information officer observed

He however, pinpointed that if the military is allowed to carryout their intended action on the region, it will contravene the much anticipated peace

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