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Pastor Wilson Okotie didn’t die of COVID-19, family says

By Ebi Perekeme 

The family of Wilson Okotie, Senior Pastor of High Impact Christian Centre, Sapele, Delta state, has refuted a trending story of June 10, where many news platforms published that the pastor died of COVID-19.

In a press release by Oti Okotie, for the family, dated 18 June, 2020, the following was stated:

“We the family of Rev. Wilson Okotie want to categorically state it here, bright and clear that our brother, did not die of Covid-19. It is with a great sense of loss and tears in our heart that we, the family has decided to sensitize the public, against lingering rumours in social media and print media, on tagging the unfortunate death of Rev. Wilson Okotie a COVID-19 case.

“Rev. Wilson Okotie having undergone a two weeks dry fasting, prior to the lockdown, and about six weeks night vigil during the lockdown was broken down with fever (malaria and typhoid) and ulcer. While he was on treatment in the hospital at Get Well Clinic, Atufe road, the doctor, Dr. Ruduf, of the clinic invited Covid-19 team to take samples of him that he is experiencing shortness of breath, according to his diagnosis.

“Rev. Wilson was in his hospital for two days after which he was discharged to treasurehold hospital where the doctor, Biodun Jasper, was reached the next day on phone from Dr. Ruduf, owner of the previous clinic where he was admitted, that Rev. Wilson Okotie has tested Negative to Covid-19. Recall that Dr. Ruduf is a member of Delta State Covid-19 Control Team, so we had an authentic result.

“Rev. Wilson was later that day diagnosed from lab analysis to be suffering from pneumonia. After treatment in 4days, Pastor Wilson was well and ready for discharge. However, at the forth day of being in the hospital, a patient with respiratory problems was admitted into the hospital who was later tested to be positive.

“Pastor Wilson’s unfortunate death came when members of the Delta State Ministry of Health, Epidemiology Unit, led by Dr. Richard Ikwuogwu, stormed Treasurehold Hospital with the sole purpose to seal the hospital that Dr Jasper admitted Covid-19 patients. However at their arrival Dr. Jasper had already moved the suspected case to Oghara Teaching Hospital. The government’s team came without ambulance to move the so called suspected case, but rocked the hospital with over 6 hilux vehicles of health personnel, van of police team, van of army team, sienna car of sapele police squad and even the local vigilante.

“The chairman of Okpe Local Government Council, Hon. Eugene Inoaghan was present at the scene. It was a mistaken identity after the team had sealed the hospital, requested that they want to take over the patient, and medical support was taken off him. Pastor Wilson was neglected and unattended to for over 6hours, after which he died. And immediately after his death, the entire team disappeared including Okpe Local Government Chairman and Dr Richard Ikwuogwu – leadman. All efforts before his demise to meet with the leadman, Dr Richard ikwuogwu, and explain that the Covid-19 patient had already been moved away to Oghara Teaching Hospital and that our brother was not a Covid patient, was frustrated until Pastor Wilson Okotie eventually died in their presence.

“He died of pneumonia. But wrongfully labelled today in the internet and social media as Covid-19 death. Pastor, as he’s popularly called, may your soul rest in peace and the God of the heavens and earth whom you served fervently arise to vindicate your name which has gone viral and the church in judgment, amen.

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