King Pereama, Barrister Smooth, Alfred Izon-ebi, and others to deliver unforgettable performances at Ijaw Fiesta 2024

In a thrilling revelation, GbaramatuVoice International, the organizers of the Ijaw Cultural Fiesta 2024 have unveiled an impressive lineup of performers set to mesmerize audiences with their exceptional talents. Headlining this cultural extravaganza are the renowned King Pereama Freetown, the soulful Chief Barrister Soja Smooth, and the prolific Dr. Alfred Izon-ebi, promising an unforgettable experience.

King Pereama Freetown:
Renowned as the king of Ijaw traditional music, King Pereama Freetown will showcase his mastery of storytelling through music. His soul-stirring performances promise to bring a wealth of experience and cultural richness to the stage.

Chief Barrister Soja Smooth:
As the highlife king of Niger Delta, Chief Barrister Soja Smooth is set to ignite the atmosphere with his contemporary Ijaw sounds. His rhythmic tunes and dynamic stage presence have earned him acclaim in the Ijaw music scene, making him a highly anticipated performer at the Cultural Fiesta.

Dr. Alfred Izon-ebi:
A maestro in Ijaw folk music, Dr. Alfred Izon-ebi’s performance is poised to transport the audience to the heart of traditional Ijaw melodies. His contribution to preserving and promoting Ijaw cultural heritage through music is commendable and noteworthy.

Other Featured Performers:
The excitement doesn’t end with the headliners. The Ijaw Cultural Fiesta 2024 will feature a diverse array of artists, including Prince Abraham Dono, Ebisco Sugar, King Allen Alabor, Sir Abraham Young, FC the Story Teller, Sekepmaster Brown, Chief Kingsley Takemebo, Hero Beremo, Prince Karinto Fokitei, Lizberg, Fiyebo Endurance, Toikumoh EchoStar Kimisco, Darling Gid, Egbezi, and more. Additionally, various cultural groups will bring their unique flair to the celebration, with traditional dancers and modern fusion acts taking the stage.

Date and Venue:
Save the date for this cultural spectacle, scheduled to take place on Tuesday, January 30, at Ishaka Hotel Open Field, Along Refinery Road, Effurun, Delta State. The event promises to be a grand celebration of Ijaw heritage, uniting the community in a joyous feast of music, dance, and tradition.

As anticipation builds, the Ijaw Cultural Fiesta 2024 is gearing up to be a landmark event, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Ijaw people. Stay tuned for updates, and prepare to be enchanted by the harmonious rhythms and vibrant performances that await at this cultural extravaganza.

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