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Ijaw King: Wike should first bury 42 Ijaws killed for him to be governor — IYC 

The altercation between the Ijaw ethnic nationality and Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, continued at the weekend following the attack on the governor by the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide.

The IYC in a statement signed by the IYC Secretary-General, Mr. Alfred Kemepado, reminded Wike that 42 of its kinsmen in Rivers State died in the violence that characterized the election that made him a governor.

Kemepado, who issued the statement at Harry’s Town expressed disappointment that despite their death, Wike had yet to give them befitting burials.

He said by threatening to remove an Ijaw King in Rivers State, Wike was dancing on the graves of the 42 dead kinsmen.

He said the 42 dead bodies and more of Ijaw youths, who needed proper burial in the Buguma and Abonnema towns of Rivers State, were still waiting for the governor to bury them properly.

While commending Wike for visiting late Dr Ferry Gberegbe, a victim of such violence in Khana and donated about N200m, Kemepado, however, said not even a condolence letter had been sent to any of the victims in Abonnema, Buguma including Sister Ibisiki, who was also murdered in same manner in Degema.

He said: “The harmless youths were murdered by federal forces while they stood to defend the democracy that made Governor Wike the Governor of Rivers State.

“Up till date, a befitting burial has not been given to any of the Ijaw sons or even compensation to their families.

“Wike visited Late Dr Ferry Gberegbe, a victim of such violence in Khana and donated about N200m, which is commendable, but not even a condolence letter has been sent to any of the victims in Abonnema, Buguma and our Sister Ibisiki who was also murdered in same manner in Degema.

“This act of disregard alone, demonstrates Wike’s disrespect and disregard for the lives of our people. Instead, Governor Wike is spitting on their graves by threatening to remove an Ijaw Monarch because of the Visit of Governor Dickson to the monarch over the death of his children”.

He reminded Wike that the traditional stool he desecrated through his public utterances was older than Rivers State adding that the Ijaw people were not subjects he could intimidate.

Kemepado said: “We want Governor Wike to note and abundantly so, that the traditional stools in Ijaw land are older than Rivers State where he is Governor and they should not be considered as subjects he can intimidate.

“Governor Wike should remember his own Ikwere tradition that prescribes respect for the elderly and traditional institutions, and should resist the temptation to overreach himself, but tame himself from being disrespectful and vulgar when addressing elders and traditional stools.

“Governor Wike should compensate the Ijaws with projects in Ijaw land because the Ijaws are the highest casualties in his bid to become Governor of Rivers State the second time.

“We call on Governor Wike to erect a memorial in honor of the Ijaw youths massacred for his sake and not insult Ijaw Monarchs. That until Wike apologises to the Ijaw Monarch he threatened and to all Ijaws, no Ijaw community and her people should take him and anything that comes from him serious”.

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