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Ijaw Beauty Queens Show Human Side, Empower ‘Warri Corner’ Women

...about 200 women benefit from largesse

…we were moved by GbaramatuVoice story that exposed their sufferings–Miss Africa World

The Cultural Beauty Queen of Izon-Ibe and Miss Africa World, Her Majesty, Elizabeth Peremobo-ere Tonghan and the Benikrukru Carnival Queen, Victory Mike on Wednesday, visited the women of Sand Fill Two popularly known as ‘Warri Corner’ community to distribute food items to them.

The community which is located in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State is called Sand Fill Two (Warri Corner) and is primarily known for its canoeing cottage business, usually run by women of the community.

Queen of Izon-Ibe, Elizabeth Tonghan distributing food items to children

It will be recalled that GbaramatuVoice had earlier featured a story on this unique Ijaw community, where women engage in the canoe transport or hand pulling as the locals call it, as a means of sustenance.

The charity event which was tagged “Project Rescue – Hope for Women in the Creeks”, was aimed at supporting women of the creeks and cushioning the effects of the harsh economic conditions on these women of strength and character who struggle day and night, but still barely make enough to fend for their families.

Moved by the stories of the women as exhaustively reported by GbaramatuVoice, the two beauty Queens, who identify with their narratives, decided to contribute their token to them in the form of foodstuffs.

On arrival at the community, the Queens were gracefully received and cheered, as the children of the community swarm round the Queens, as they sang songs, expressing their excitement.

The food items which range from Garri, Beans, Cartons of Indomie Noodles, Onions, amongst other items where personally distributed to the community women, by the beauty Queens themselves to ensure that no one was left out.

Queen of Izon-Ibe and Benikrukru carnival Queen in a group photograph with women of Warri corner

The chairman of the community simply identified as Mr. Fidelis, said that it was a good surprise to have food items distributed to the community. He also added that it has never happened before and applauded both queens while pouring blessings on them.

GbaramatuVoice spoke to one of the queens, Miss Elizabeth Tonghan about the event.

She disclosed that she is an ardent reader of GbaramatuVoice and that she was moved by the stories of the women.

In her words, she said; “Firstly, as the Queen of Izon-Ibe, I am a huge follower of GbaramatuVoice and we actually have a Whatsapp forum. On the whatsapp forum, I saw that GbaramatuVoice came here to interview the women and that they did a story on the plight of the women.

Queen of Izon-Ibe and Benikrukru carnival Queen in a group photograph with children of Warri Corner

”That really touched me. I saw some of them on the canoe trying to paddle the boats, taking people through the difficult terrain and it was really touching.

”I took it upon myself as the Beauty Queen of Izon-Ibe and also with the Benikrukru Carnival Queen to come here and touch the lives of these people especially, the women and children.

”We came with some foodstuffs to give them and that was the reason we are here today”.

Benikrukru carnival Queen, Victory Mike Distributing food items to children

On her own, Miss Benikrukru Carnival Queen, Victory Mike said “Every community needs help, so we saw an opportunity to do that and decided to help in this way.

”We really love our people very much and seeing our women struggling, we believe we had to find a way to support them and that was why we brought some foodstuffs here today in other to support them”.

Some of the community women, who spoke with GbaramatuVoice, appreciated the young Beauty Queens as they were the first to have ever responded to their plights.

The Queens, were escorted with pomp, as they bade farewell to the community.

By Shina Badmus, Godbless Motiola & Joshua Ijanfor

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