Honoring late Rev. Mrs. Adetola Emman-Imeleye: Her Parting Words at GbaramatuVoice Corporate Thanksgiving [Full Text]

The last sermon by Late Rev. Mrs. Adetola Emman-Imeleye during the GbaramatuVoice Corporate Thanksgiving Service on January 4, before her passing on January 7.

I am truly grateful to stand before you today, humbled by the opportunity to minister alongside such esteemed men of God. I do not take this privilege for granted, and I am confident that the Lord will bless us abundantly as we fellowship together.

As I sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the message to deliver today, I was led to reflect on the power of thanksgiving. In the Scriptures, we see numerous instances where thanksgiving leads to increase and blessing. When Jesus offered thanks for the five loaves and two fishes, they multiplied abundantly. When He healed the ten lepers, only one returned to give thanks, and he was made whole.

Thanksgiving is not just a mere act of gratitude; it is a powerful strategy for victory and abundance. In the history of Delta state, we find a kingdom whose prosperity was linked to their annual thanksgiving celebrations. As they honored God with their gratitude, their kingdom flourished. Similarly, as we cultivate a habit of thanksgiving in our lives and in our organization, GbaramatuVoice, we can expect to experience divine multiplication and prosperity.

The Word of God assures us in Jeremiah 30:19 that out of GbaramatuVoice shall proceed thanksgiving, and the voice of those who make merry. The Lord promises to multiply us and ensure that we are not few. Therefore, let us continue to offer thanks to God for His blessings, knowing that our praise will attract even greater blessings and open doors to other nations beyond Nigeria.

As we enter into 2024 and beyond, I declare over GbaramatuVoice and all its members that the Lord will defend, deliver, and preserve us. No weapon formed against us shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against us in judgment shall be condemned. We are exempted from evil, and the plans of the enemy against us will be thwarted by the mighty hand of God.

In conclusion, I want to encourage each one of you to remain steadfast in faith and unwavering in your commitment to thanksgiving. Let us continue to trust in the Lord’s promises and stand firm in His Word. Together, we will see unprecedented growth, progress, and prosperity in the days ahead.

May the Lord bless you abundantly and keep you in His perfect peace.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Mrs. Adetola Emman-Imeleye

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