The passage of Opunene Medi, the incarnate and brief history of Ibolomoboere, the mother of Ijaw deities

Ibolomoboere deity


With deep sense of gratitude to Woyin the Mother God Creator of the whole Universe, we the undersigned chiefs, on behalf of the Gbanraun Union hereby announced the passage, celebration of life of the transition, and Ascension of Opunene Efiyeaseimini Medi, the incarnate of Ibolomoboere, Ziba, Temearau Woyin or Woyingi Mother Creator and indeed the Mother of all Deities, Divinities and Agadagba’s of Ijaw Nation who represent the Elohims to the Most High Mother God to eternal glory.

We wish to use this opportunity to give a brief history of the significance and what Ibolomoboere stand for in the Ijaw Nation.


In Ijaw Spirituality, Ibolomoboere is believed to be the mother of all the Egbesus, Deities and Gbanraun Egbesu being the first son as contained in the scriptures (Revelation 12) of the Judeo Christian religion.

The Spiritual throne of her existence in one form or the other among the various clans that make up the Ijaw Nation differs with different appellations from different clans. But a special recognition and reverence is given to her amongst the Gbanraun/Oporoza sub-Ijaw group.

The belief in opunene as we often refer to her among several appellations symbolizes her super natural powers that creates all beings including mortals and super mortals which consequently led to her deification.

The Ibolomoboere consciousness is the relationship Woyin the Almighty God, according to Ijaw Spirituality, has with humanity.

Indeed she is what Mother Mary the Mother of Jesus the Christ is to Christ (Immanuel). Similarly Ibolomoboere relationship with the Agadagbas and spirit beings of the Ijaw Nation is that of Mother Mary and Christ. She is indeed Holy Mary’s embodiment to the Ijaw Nation.

Mother Mary is the physical embodiment or manifestation of Ibolomoboere whose attributes are often described in various esoteric climes as ‘the Divine mother, universal mother, universal and cosmic virgin, are alternate terms for the feminine polarity of the God head, the manifestation of God as Mother” This is because the terms Woyin/Woyingi/ Oyin (our Mother) Temirtau (Mother creator) Ziba, are all feminine terms for the Almighty God in Ijaw Nation.

For it is also pertinent to inform the general public for the purposes of record that our mother creator who took a woman physical garment after revealing her true identity to the children of Gbanraun descendants as the first son of Ijaw according to legends lived with them for decades without any identification of lineage before disappearing from the surface of the earth for some controversial and mysterious circumstances for over Eight hundred years 1238 A.D to 2009 A.D.

In 2009 Ziba visited the perfect living Spiritual Master High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo the Chief Priest of Binebi Deity the Queen of all Queens. She further revealed the ordeals she passed through from her children whom she came to reveal the immaculate light. But unfortunately Gbanraun/ Oporoza Sub-Ijaw Group misunderstood her good intentions for peace, protection and prosperity for the entire Ijaw Nation.

Ibolomoboere deity
The temple of Ibolomoboere in Oporoza town, Headquarters of Gbaramatu kingdom

She revealed herself to him and also gave him divine instructions and guidelines for her glorious return through the same medium to the Gbanraun Dynasty.

For she was pleased with the determination of this destined soul personality with the requisite attributes of high moral standard of denying himself of all worldly pleasures and the zeal to liberate his people from oppression and injustice. She further directed him to inform and gather the entire Ijaw Nation at Oporoza to do this spiritual task and assured him of their support.

And so when the message was disseminated, lo and behold 24 Ijaw kingdoms gathered together at Oporoza town the traditional headquarters of Gbaramatu Kingdom, according to the prophecy and the ceremony successfully held and behold the spiritual mantle fell.

As she manifest herself to different Ijaw kingdoms bearing different names especially among the Gbanraun/Oporoza descendants, her manifestation and relationship with advanced countries as The Goddess of liberty in Europe and America cannot be overemphasized.

France has the revelation and burden to build a semblance of her Portrait in the United States of America as the statue of liberty symbolizing the goddess of liberty which is the same Portrait of Ibolomoboere.

Her tittle for this embodiment is Ibolomoboere which means the one who comes with wealth. All kings, queens, princes, princesses, grooms and brides adorned coral beads of different qualities ranging from emeralds to jewelries as a sign of royalty signifying wealth. She is the mother of all creations, spirits in the Ijaw Nation and the world at large. For she (Woyein) has given her children the kings, referred to as Agadagbas to rule all nations with a rod of Iron with a crown adorned with eagle feathers.


During the reign of Efiyeaseimini Medi as Ibolomoboere I) from 2009 to 2021, the Ijaw Nation made some tremendous progresses in different spheres of life.

The Ijaw Nation was given a speaking space and opportunities by other ethnic nationalities within the Nigerian Nation. Sons and daughters of the Ijaw Nation attained political positions of envy in Nigeria.

The Ijaw sacred oath (ovuo) of unity by 24 Kings and High Priests of different religious faiths, representing the various kingdoms of the Ijaw Nation was taken after when it was approved and endorsed at the traditional headquarters of Gbaramatu kingdom, Oporoza, by Ibolomoboere during the annual Amaseikumo Festival in 2017.

Several Ancient kingdoms such as Gbaramatu Kingdom (Delta State) Gbanraun clan (Southern Ijaw Bayelsa State) Tubutoru kingdom (Ondo State) Olodiama kingdom (Edo State) okomu/Ikimu kingdom (Edo State) Iduwini kingdom (Bayelsa State) Ogulagha kingdom (Delta State) Obotebe kingdom (Delta State) had peaceful selection and coronation of their respective Peres without violence and acrimony.

The unity among the Peres/kings of the Ijaw Nation under her watch became unprecedented.

The commencement of the annual holy pilgrimage to the land of Agadagbabou believed to be the Holy land in Kolokuma/Opokuma local government Area by the Peres/kings and other religious faithfuls.

The agitation to improve the standard of living within the impoverished environment by the International oil companies in a nonviolent approach is gaining momentum.

There is a cultural renaissance in all towns and villages in the Ijaw Nation.

The fulfilment of the prophecy in parts, is so amazing and overwhelming that upon her dropping the physical garment, it is imperative for the Ijaw Nation to note that a successor shall be announced in due course after performing all the Spiritual exercises and rites from Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th of February 2021, at Oporoza Town, Gbaramatu Kingdom.

Signed on behalf of The Gbanraun Union:

High Chief Godspower Gbenekama-The fiyewei of Gbaramatu Kingdom.

High Chief Macdonald Igbadiwei-The traditional prime minister and Ibe-bebefiyewei of Gbanraun Clan.

Double Chief Longlife Titibor-The Diriodewei of Arogbo Ijaw kingdom.

High Chief Vero Tangbowei Emmanuel-The Ibe-benemoere of Gbaramatu Kingdom.

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