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N’Delta ex-agitators pass vote of no confidence to Coordinator Presidential Amnesty Programme

Contrary to claims by the Presidential Amnesty office that their parley with first phase camp leader of the scheme and other stakeholders in Calabar, Cross River State, was successful and addressed issues, the meeting was inconclusive and never addressed any of their concerns for which they want him removed from office.

According to the national leader of the First Phase camp leader, Chief Selky Torughedi, aka Young Shall Grow, they had anticipated the meeting for a long time and were hopeful that they were going to address all knotty issues militating against the proper working of the scheme; only to be disappointed with the walk-out of the Coordinator, Professor Charles Dokubo.

“The discussion started with the coordinator of the programme who emphasised that, he is ready to work with genuine agitators of the struggle to actualise the real mandate of the programme.

“It was on that note that, the National leader of the Niger Delta agitators High Chief Dr. Selky Kile Torughedi aka General Young Shall Grow gave his remarks on behalf of his fellow comrades in the struggle after which the representative of His Highness, King Ateke Tom made his contribution by asking the coordinator to ask for the white paper agreement signed by the agitators and the federal government on the proclamation of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty.

“After the presentation by Young Shall Grow, the outlined key areas were handed over to the coordinator of the Amnesty programme Prof. Charles Q. Dokubo as a working document.

Consequently, he hastily dismissed himself from further proceedings of the meeting and left unannounced, leaving every attendee astonished and aggrieved yet confirming the negative perception that he disregard and disrespect the leadership of the Niger Delta agitators and the objectives of the Amnesty Programme, thus exhibiting attributes contrary to the development and promotion of positive qualities of a leader.

“It is in that regard, we request the National Assembly to Save-Our-Soul from the loathsome snare of Prof. Charles Q. Dokubo before matters get completely out of hand and might cause a necessary reaction that may be detrimental to the smooth running and existence of our country.

“We declare and demand as follows: A vote of no confidence in the national coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Program Prof Charles Q. Dokubo.

“That the National Assembly call to order, audit and investigate the present administration of Prof Charles Q. Dokubo since its inception in 2018.

“Urgently replace the national coordinator with a more competent and reliable patriot who understands the purpose and objectives of the Amnesty Programme, the yawning of the Niger Delta people and how it became a necessity for the establishment of the Niger Delta Amnesty Program by former President Umaru Musa Yar’adua.

“Grant audience to the leadership of the national Agitators Forum to appear before the appropriate committees of the National Assembly to communicate to you issues bothering against the smooth running of the program and consider ways of better co- existence between subsequent national coordinators and the national leadership of the Niger Delta Agitators,” they insisted.

Torughedi claimed that after listening to their position paper which dwelt on the rising insecurity in the Niger Delta and Nigeria in general, current status of the programme, training and empowerment of beneficiaries, (Bush) name and original name, fate of impacted communities and sacking of Ijaws from positions in the Amnesty office; they had hoped for a reasoned response.
Other issues Torughedi raised include re-constituting the stakeholders department of the amnesty office to include various camp leaders; issue of giving contracts to vendors without the consent of the camp leaders; establishment and confirmation of phase one, phase two and phase three leadership structures to work in synergy with the National Leader of the agitators; gazetting monthly payment for camp leaders till the end of the programme; and Provision of leadership training for all camp leaders outside the shores of the country.

He also called for provision of liaison office in Bayelsa, Delta, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Ondo, Imo, Abia and Rivers states; addressing the issue of camp leaders not paying their boys;  issue of missing slots in the various phases; provision of office space for the National Leadership in the Amnesty office; and addressing the issues facing the scholarship delegates in various institutions. (ThisDay)

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