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...Monarch assures security, cooperation

OPOROZA—Aimed at harnessing the abundant natural resources in Gbaramatu kingdom, President, Missouri American Energy, Mr. Henry Iwenofy in a visit to the kingdom on 27th March, shown interest in building a modular refinery in the kingdom, with a promise to partnering with the youths in utilizing the natural deposits to bettering the life of the people of the kingdom and Nigerians in general.

Mr. Henry Iwenofy flanked by his team: Dr. Alfred Okeke, Vice President, Dr. Chike Okechukwu, member board of directors, and Mr. Howard Wegman, an investor, were led by Chief Wellington Okrika, the BoloUwei of the kingdom, in a courtesy call on the Pere of the kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oboro Gbaraun II, in his palace at Oporoza, the headquarters of the kingdom.

HRM, Oboro-Gbaraun II, Aketekpe, Agadagba, Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom (Middle); Mr. Howard Wegman, Canadian Investor (1st left); Mr. Henry Iwenofy, President, Missouri American Energy (2nd left); Chief Wellington Okrika, Bolouwei of Gbaramatu kingdom (3rd left); Chief Jonathan Ari, Puwei of Gbaramatu kingdom (1st right); Dr. Alfred Okeke, vice president, Missouri American Energy (2nd right) and Dr. Chike Okechukwu, Member Board of Directors (3rd right) during their visit to Gbaramatu kingdom yesterday 27/03/2017

Mr. Henry Iwenofy, in his speech at the Pere’s palace, described Gbaramatu kingdom  as a place where money can be made from the water even before the coming of the white man, stressing that now that seems impossible, hence the need for a good relationship and partnership in working the modular refinery out which promises a better life for the people.

He said his team promise was not to deliver everything in a couple of days, but with a team work and cooperation from the host communities, people’s lives would definitely get better.

“This place is a place where you can make money from the water even before the coming of the white man; but you can’t do that now. And we need to be able to do that by having a good relationship. We don’t come promising to deliver everything in a couple of days. Though we promise that if we work together as a team, that we can make our people’s lives better.

“We need to have a relationship between the owners of the land and the company that comes to utilize it. And that’s what we want. And we will not have any problem because you are owners; because you will not want to destroy something that belongs to you. So that is what we are trying to do. And hopefully with your blessing and support, we will do that” he said.


Also speaking, Mr. Henry said the team was in the kingdom in order to seek permission to build   modular refinery, stressing that it would not be just building a product and making money and then walking away, but most importantly to build a relationship and partnership with the people of Gbaramatu kingdom.

Mr. Henry said, “we want you to be partners, not employees. The reason for that is if I hire you to work for me; I determine when you wake up; how many children you have; when you go to the church or when you go to the mosque; wherever you go. But if you are my partners, you will make that decision on your own.”

He emphasized that his team dream of building modular refinery would be achieved within the shortest time if the Federal Government assist by making funds available.

“My estimate is that once we break ground we can accomplish this in less than ten months. The project is going to be here; I can’t take it home. So it’s here and it’s going to help create economic opportunity and growth for the people

“But for what I saw I am impressed. It reminds me of Louisiana. Maybe there’s a thing that we can learn from them and Louisiana is also an oil area in the United States. Going through the creeks, there are a lot of opportunities. As somebody that lives here, you may not see it; but I was looking at all kinds of opportunities coming through here.”  said he.

Pere assures security, cooperation

In his speech, His Royal Majesty, Oboro Gbaraun II, the Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom assured the investors of maximum security, stressing that underdevelopment of the kingdom has been a burden to his heart.

The Pere was optimistic that move by the investors to build modular refinery would create employment as well as bring economic prosperity to the people, emphasizing that he believe in practical and not theory, and as such, expect the investors to make good their intentions of the project.

“As a royal father I believe in practical but not the theory all the time. We were informed of your coming for long but truly you have come. The assurance will be given to you today that your security shall be guaranteed; and that we are lack of development in this area. So, for your building modular refinery will boost up employment in this kingdom.” the Pere added.

While contributing, Chief God’spower Gbenekama, the Ibe-Benemowei of Gbaramatu kingdom also assured the investors of security and support, as he thanked Chief W. O. Okrika for a work well done in attracting the investors.

In his vote of thanks on behalf of the Pere and the people of Gbaramatu kingdom, the Bolouwei of the kingdom, Chief Wellington Okrika  thanked the investors for coming and wished them a fast actualization of their dream.

Chief Okrika said though the kingdom has had a lot of investors coming and going with promises of investing in the kingdom, this present ones, with their show of determination would deliver.

He said, “and after the visit to the governor, you are supposed to be in Abuja to see the minister of petroleum and to also see the vice president. I am sure after that meeting you will report back to the king whatever discussion you have with them in respect of this programme.”

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