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Internal factor and interest targeting Ogoni people – MOSOP leader

By Ebi Kemelayefa

President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, Mr Legborsi Pyagbara has said that enemies of Ogoni were fomenting trouble in the area.

The MOSOP leader made this known in a statement in Port Harcourt on Sunday, August 18, noting that the body and other stakeholders were on top gear to restore peace to the area.

Pyagbara wondered why certain interest groups were bent on thwarting the peace initiatives with their continued attacks on lives and properties in Ogoniland.

According to him, “This is a clear indication that some persons are not committed to the peace agreement we had during our stakeholders’ meeting in Saakpenwa, Tai Local Government area.” 

Pyagbara lamented that those who did not want peace in Ogoni Land, were trying their best to bring the area under siege.

He explained that Sunday’s attacks on Opouko and Luumene communities in Nyokhana district of Khana Local Government Area, had left at least eight persons dead.

According to him, six of the victims are from Opouko community and two from Luumene area of the LGA.

He added that the residences of the Khana Council Chairman, Mr Lateh Loolooh and the Palace of the Gbenemene Banghan, Chief Suanu Baridam, were burnt down during the attack.

The MOSOP President, therefore, urged relevant authorities to uncover those behind the dastardly acts.

He said, ”It seems to me that there is an internal factor and interest targeted at putting Ogoni people in perpetual fear and siege.

“Remember, if anybody wants to destroy you, he could always gain access through a member of your household.

“So, it is possible that there are some underlying interests that we have not been able to uncover in this whole matter.

“It is time for Ogoni people to begin to look inward and say enough is enough.

“Every right- thinking Ogoni man and woman must rise up against ‘this madness’ and tell those involved that they can not put Ogoni under siege.”

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