GbaramatuVoice calls for eyewitness reports on Niger Delta

The Niger Delta has been replete with stories of different sorts. These stories are often under reported or not reported at all, hence the GbaramatuVoice Newspapers has launched GbaramatuVoice Reporters Newsroom. This initiative is aimed at citizen reporters reporting on events in their localities for publication or broadcast on GbaramatuVoice Newspapers and GbaramatuVoice TV.

Apart from the everyday stories in the localities, citizen reporters have a chance to report occasions such as wedding, birthday party, school activities and others. Such stories should be accompanied with pictures. Citizens are advised and directed to send in their informed stories and photos with their full names and contacts to the editor. 

Areas of interest but not limited to them are  Egbema, Iduwini, Isaba, Kabo, Kumbo, Ngbilebiri, Ogbolubiri, Akugbene-Mein, Ogulagha, Obotebe, Gbaramatu, Ogbe-Ijoh, Oporomo, Seimbiri, Tarakiri-west, Tuomo, Andoni, Bille, Ibani, Kalabari, Ke, Kula, Nkoro, Okrika (Wakirike), Opobo, Ogba/Egbema, Okrika, Kalabari, Akassa (Akaha), Apoi, Bassan, Beni-Oyakiri, Bumo, Buseni, Ekpetiama, Epei-Atissa, Gbaran, Gbaraun, Iduwini, Kabo, Kolokuma, Kumbo, Mein (Ogobiri Mein), Nembe, Ogbia, Ogboin, Okodia, Olodiama, Operemo, Oporoma, Opukuma, Tarakiri-east, Tarakiri-west, Tungbo, Zarama, Furupagha, Olodiama-West, Okomu-Ijaw (Ukomu), Apoi (Ijaw-Apoi), Arogbo, Tubutoru, Ugborodo, Uvwie, Ughelli, Benin River, Omadino, Sapele, Ogoni, etc. 

This is the time to express yourself and you do not need to be a professional writer to do so. Send your stories, name, location, pictures and phone number to the following: +2348154148945, (or) Email:

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