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Ijaw nation inducts Publisher GbaramatuVoice into Hall of Fame

By Badmus Shina

The Publisher of GbaramatuVoice, Niger Delta most leading and trusted newspapers, Mr. Jacob Abai has been inducted into the Ijaw nation Hall of Fame.

The induction took place on Thursday, October 31 2019, and was conducted by the Eastern Zone chairman of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Comr. Sammy George in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State. 

Abai was described as a man who brought a media organization when the Niger Delta needed one, and it has impacted stupendously to the positive growth of the Ijaw nation.

The chairman further commended the GbaramatuVoice boss on the reportage of news activities from the Niger Delta region especially on issues affecting the Ijaws.

Comr. George said that the IYC had celebrated its 20years anniversary in 2018, recognizing those who had contributed to the growth of Ijaw nation. Hence, he said that  Abai was given one of the most important recognitions for his impact to the Ijaw nation.

According to the chairman, “Mr. Jacob Abai, the CEO of GbaramatuVoice, has contributed immensely to the Ijaw community.

“Last year, the IYC celebrated its 20years anniversary and we deemed it necessary to recognize and honor all our sons and daughter who has contributed into the Ijaw community in one way or the other; and GbaramatuVoice has actually voiced out the Ijaw activities.

“GbaramatuVoice which came in just shortly, has spread across the Ijaw kingdom. So that is why we deemed it necessary to recognize the CEO and welcome him into the Ijaw Hall of Fame.

“This is a newspaper that we know can tell our story raw as it is, unlike other media that would want to espionage the rawness of how we feel.”

Comr. George further appreciated GbaramatuVoice for the award he received during the newspaper’s 4th anniversary and lecture which took place at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.

He said it was truly an honor that was bestowed on him when he received the award of most active youth leader in the Niger Delta.

He said, “We appreciate the honor that GbaramatuVoice bestowed on me as the zonal chairman, having seen all youth leaders in the Niger Delta; I was honored as most active youth leader in the Niger Delta.”

The publisher of GbaramatuVoice in his response, expressed gratitude for the honour of being inducted into the Ijaw Hall of Fame and promised to do more for the Niger Delta region.

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