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Fani-Kayode: Why Rivers State Should Change ‘Port Harcourt’ Name

Former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has given reasons why Rivers State needs to change the name of their capital city from Port Harcourt.

The Rivers State capital was named after a British man named Lord Lewis Vernon Harcourt, FFK said.

According to him, the man was a paedophile who doesn’t deserve to have a city named after him.
He tweeted:

“Port Harcourt was named after a British man named Lord Lewis Vernon Harcourt who was a rapist and a paedophile.After he was exposed and faced with public condemnation he committed suicide in his London home on February 24 1922.

“Lord Frederick Lugard and wife Flora Shaw gave Nigeria her name. The meaning of the word “NIGERIA” from the latin word “NIGER” (meaning “BLACK”wink is “BLACK AREA, AREA OF DARKNESS OR BLACK SPOT”. Most African nations changed their names after independence. Sadly Nigeria did not.


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