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The President of Ijaw Women Connect (IWC) Worldwide Comr. Rosemary Graham have thrown her weight behind calls to restructure and renegotiate the basis of Nigeria’s existence and survival.

Comr. Graham disclosed this to Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper today while reacting to the Sallah day message of President Buhari for allegedly saying Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable.

It would be recalled that since the pronouncement of this statement by the Commander- in – Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, it has generated severe criticism by people and different groups within the Nigerian State alleging that the union should be renegotiated.

In her statement, Comr. Rosemary frowns and disagrees with the President that the country have come to a point where the relationship has to be renegotiated while making reference that since the amalgamation of the Country to its centenary, the laws of the land itself goes against its togetherness, hence request that towing separate ways is the best that could happen to the Country.

She particularly take a swipe on the President Mohammadu Buhari led administration for violating the principle of federal character and the prevalence of nepotism and sectionalism with high level of impunity meted out on other regions.

The statement read:

“I want to totally disagree with PMB on his Sallah message to Nigerians that the Unity of Nigeria is not negotiable.

“For me and other well meaning Ijaw people and those of the Niger Delta, we wish to state without any fear of contradiction that Nigeria has come to a point where we must negotiate our existence as a country. Going by recent happenings since the emergence of the PMB led government, Nigerians and the world at large knows that the structure of the country no longer adheres to the federal character principles as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.

“Rather we wake up each day to face and continue to witness painful acts of nepotism and sectionalization which have all become the order of the day. From Amalgamation to 2014, when Nigeria celebrated it’s centenary, It is clear in the laws that we can go our separate ways. So for any government to make such statement in saying the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, is to clearly and further show the motives behind the sectional system of governance and high level of impunity to other regions of the federation.

“Is time for Nigerians to renegotiate their existence. Enough is enough. The country needs a round table engagement now. We must put things right so each region can move forward.”

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