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There is confusion as to whom to believe as the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty programme Brig. Gen. Paul Boroh maintained that dialogue is ongoing in the Niger Delta to quell the rampaging bombings of national assets by members of Niger Delta Avengers.

The Amnesty boss made the assertion today in a live programme, Sunrise Daily on Channels Television while discussing on the gloomy economic situation on the Country posed by members of the Niger Delta Avengers.

The Vice President of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo have earlier described members of Niger Delta Avengers as economic warriors giving reason why the Federal Government was not holding talks with the group on how to put an end to the bombing of pipelines.

Professor Osinbajo who delivered the second foundation lecture of Elizade University,Ilaramokin, Ondo state entitled  “The Future is here earlier than we thought”, declared that “the so called avengers are not freedom fighters but fighting for their own economic benefits. They are avenging for their private pockets and that is why government is not talking with them”.

Brig. Paul spoke about the new wave of militancy and the 2 weeks ultimatum issued to the federal Government by the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) and the actions of the Niger Delta Avengers.

“I heard about it but the resumption of hostilities is what I am concerned about. The hostilities resumption should be discouraged by every well meaning Nigerian  and again you don’t use your territory as battlefield. You should always create room for discussion.

“You see, dialogue is ongoing. Like I said, our numbers are open. People are meeting. I have also met with groups of persons from Niger Delta cutting across, discussing this issue on the way forward. Almost everybody that comes around, they say they are stakeholders; so who is the stakeholder and who is not the stakeholder? It is all our concern to resolving this conflict. It should be every Nigerian’s concern to resolve this conflict of Niger Delta. It is not only Niger Deltans. No! Because it is a conflict that has to do with our economy. And if we don’t get it right, now, it will be very difficult. So it concerns everyone. I am very worried about what is happening.

“The government had always said that they are open to dialogue, and it is ongoing as a way to achieve peace through dialogue. So the government is not saying they will use crises-means to resolving it. They have said they are going to use dialogues as a mechanism towards establishing the conflict; and it is ongoing. So let the Avenger group give the government a chance so that we can achieve a win-win situation and move the country forward. What is happening is affecting the economy; it is affecting the environment where it is taking place. So they should give the government a chance to move forward in terms of developmental plans and other activities.

“Let me get it straight and let me correct you now. Like I said, there are two groups now. We have those that are captured in the Amnesty programme and it is ongoing. We have those who do not believe that what is happening is right and they go vent their angers on national assets. This is not acceptable. That is the point am making.

“What I mean is Avengers, taking it upon themselves to vent their anger on pipeline vandalism. To me, that is not the best way to resolving conflict because it affects all. Our economy is being affected. What do we do about revamping our economy so that we can move forward as a country? This is the only country we have. If we go out of this country we will become second class citizens. So we should all put our hands together and be thinking creatively on how to resolve and not to blame.

“Nigeria is known as a great country today because we are one. For example, I come from the South-South of the country. I was born in Lagos and schooled in the north. I have worked everywhere in the country including out of the country in the UN. I am a complete Nigerian. Nigeria is a great country because we have to get it right. We have to live as one to move this country forward. If you live this country you are a second class person. We are together and we should do all we can, all it takes, to live as a family and move forward.”  He stated.

He also dismissed claims from some quarter fingering MEND to be part of the renewed attacks as he debunked it alleging that former agitators are not part of the renewed attacks on pipelines bombing, while also beckoning on President Buhari to look into the 2014 national conference under Goodluck Jonathan if that will address the Niger Delta question.

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