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Crime Unveiled in Warri: Okiti and Erhaye Streets’ Battle Against Robberies

Crime Unveiled in Warri: Erhaye Street's Battle Against Robberies

GbaramatuVoice’s Special Investigation Reveals the Hidden Dangers in Okiti and Erhaye streets

In this exclusive GbaramatuVoice special investigative report, we delve deep into the troubling rise of criminal activities on Okiti and Erhaye Streets in Warri, Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State. Over time, what was once a peaceful neighborhood has turned into a hotbed for robberies, leaving residents and businesses in a state of distress. Our investigative team has gone to great lengths to uncover the truth behind this disconcerting trend, shedding light on the challenges faced by those living and working on Okiti and Erhaye Streets.

Targeted: Zino’s Kitchen

Zino, Victim of Multiple Robberies

At the forefront of these criminal acts stands ‘Zino’s Kitchen,’ a local restaurant owned by Zino herself. In a candid interview, Zino shares her harrowing experiences of being robbed on over seven occasions, with the thieves making away with goods and cash amounting to over N500,000. She vividly describes the audacity of these criminals, detailing their methods, which include brazen break-ins and direct physical assaults.

Despite her persistent efforts to seek assistance from Nigerian police, including the B-Division and the street chairman, Zino remains deeply frustrated by the lack of security presence in the area. Her story paints a grim picture of the prevailing situation and underscores the urgent need for improved security in the community.

Zino herself passionately expresses her concerns: “Just this year, they have robbed me about seven times, stealing over N500,000. The chairman here said the people in the area refused to pay for vigilantes. At least if there is security from about 6 pm, here would be safe.

Lack of Security

One of the most distressing aspects of this situation is the apparent absence of security measures in the area. Despite victims reporting incidents to local community, including the B-Division and the street chairman, the response has been lackluster. The chairman’s explanation that residents’ refusal to contribute to security levies has paralyzed the situation leaves victims feeling exposed and abandoned.

Community Voices: Calls for Help

Ogochukwu’s Brush with Crime

In addition to Zino’s account, we hear the voices of other residents who have witnessed the challenges posed by these criminal activities. Ogochukwu, for instance, narrates her experience of a burglary attempt on her shop. She emphasizes the absence of adequate security measures and calls on government and law enforcement agencies to address these urgent security concerns.

Ogochukwu: “We need help in this street because people’s stores and properties are at stake. We still need security because when you’re sleeping you don’t know what’s happening outside.”

Joy’s Perspective

Joy, another resident, echoes similar sentiments, shedding light on the unsafe environment that Erhaye Street becomes during nighttime hours. She emphasizes the need for security to protect residents and their investments, urging local authorities to take action.

Joy: “Wetin I see for this area, this area dey very difficult for night. Anything that you’re doing, do it quick, enter your house any time you like bcos this area as from 12 o’clock upwards there’s armed robbers, thieves, they’re breaking stores and things like that.”

Differing Views: Not All in Agreement

A Different Perspective

However, it is worth noting that not all residents share the same level of apprehension. Some claim that the reported robbery incidents took place elsewhere and argue that the security situation on Okiti and Erhaye Streets may not be as dire as portrayed.

Anonymous Shop Owner: “I don hear say robbery happen for Giwamu road but not be this our street in particular. The robbery wey we hear say happen na months ago e take happen and na for junction side he happen, if I want to rate the security of this place na 50/50.”

Conclusion: Urgent Need for Solutions

Concluding our in-depth investigation into the alarming rise of criminal activities on Okiti and Erhaye Streets in Warri, this report reveals the unsettling reality residents face. It underscores the pressing need for improved security measures and swift action from local government. Okiti and Erhaye Streets’ safety and well-being are paramount, demanding collective responsibility to ensure residents can live and work without the constant fear of criminal activity. GbaramatuVoice remains dedicated to shedding light on critical issues through comprehensive investigative journalism, ensuring a safer and more secure future for Okiti and Erhaye Streets and the broader Warri community.

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