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A Grand Carnival of Farewell: The Spectacular Funeral Celebration of Mama Tuesday Tuasinde in Ogulagha

The oil-rich Ogulagha community in Ogulagha Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, witnessed a grand spectacle as they celebrated the life and passing of late Mama Tuesday Tuasinde. The extraordinary event, orchestrated by her prominent son, Chief Peter Tuasinde, turned the funeral into a carnival of unprecedented proportions.

Mama Tuesday Tuasinde:

Mama Tuesday Tuasinde, a beloved figure in Ogulagha and beyond, passed away on August 18, 2023, at the age of 71. She was not only cherished as a mother but also as a community member whose life left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who knew her.

The Funeral Unveiled:

The remarkable celebration of Mama Tuesday Tuasinde’s life commenced on October 26, with a vibrant social wake keeping at Ogulagha Community. The event was graced with the musical prowess of Ijaw artist David Mutu, widely known as FC The Story Teller. He filled the atmosphere with the soulful rhythms of Ijaw melodies, setting the tone for the grand carnival that was to follow.

A Grand Carnival:

The funeral celebrations reached a crescendo on October 28, as the GbaramatuVoice team arrived at the Safe Haven Mortuary at Emiberen in Warri. The family members gathered around 10 am to embark on an unforgettable funeral procession. Their motorcade weaved through major streets. The journey led to Miller Waterside in NPA, and finally to a beautifully adorned barge that would carry Mama Tuesday Tuasinde’s remains, joined by over 1000 individuals. A fleet of speedboats accompanied the barge as it cruised to the oil-rich Ogulagha Community. Throughout the journey, Ijaw musician Prince Isaba Abraham entertained the crowd, creating an atmosphere of celebration and remembrance.

A Community’s Welcome:

As the barge reached Ogulagha around 7pm, the community greeted Mama Tuesday Tuasinde with a heartwarming procession that made its way to her residence. The vibrant and colorful display of Ijaw culture marked the return of their beloved matriarch to her final resting place.

Cultural Fiesta and Musical Extravaganza:

The night brought dignitaries from diverse backgrounds, including political figures, businessmen, and chiefs from various Ijaw kingdoms across Delta State and beyond. Cultural groups from Ijaw kingdoms performed, transforming the night into a cultural fiesta. The highlight of the evening was the performance of the renowned Owigiri Ijaw musician, Dr. Alfred Izon-ebi, and his crew. Their captivating melodies and rhythms enthralled the guests until dawn.

Saturday Night Spectacle:

The centerpiece of Saturday night was a mesmerizing display of Ijaw culture, as various cultural groups from across the Ijaw kingdoms took the stage. Dressed in beautiful traditional attire, they performed traditional dances that narrated tales of the Ijaw heritage. The audience was treated to a visual and auditory feast of music and dance, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of the Ijaw Nation.

Owigiri Musical Extravaganza:

As the cultural performances concluded, the stage was taken over by Dr. Alfred Izon-ebi, a celebrated Owigiri Ijaw musician, and his talented Because of Love crew. Their soul-stirring melodies resonated through the night, captivating the audience and invoking a deep sense of cultural pride. Dr. Alfred Izon-ebi’s powerful performance left a lasting impression, reminding everyone of the enduring cultural heritage of the Ijaw people.

Final Farewell:

The morning sun of Sunday, October 29, witnessed the final farewell to Mama Tuesday Tuasinde as her remains were interred. Tears and weeping filled the air, as the community, family, and friends bid a fond adieu to the beloved matriarch.

A Legacy Celebrated:

The lavish funeral of Mama Tuesday Tuasinde was more than just a mourning; it was a grand celebration of a life well-lived. As the heart of Ogulagha Kingdom poured out in jubilation, the funeral transformed into a carnival, and Mama Tuesday Tuasinde was given a magnificent send-off that will be remembered for generations to come.

In conclusion, the funeral of Mama Tuesday Tuasinde in Ogulagha was not only a celebration of life but also a testament to the enduring spirit of the Ijaw people. The carnival-like atmosphere that engulfed the community showcased the deep love and respect they held for their cherished mother and the incredible ability of Chief Peter Tuasinde to transform a somber event into a grand cultural extravaganza.

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