Governor Oborevwori, It’s Time to Revive Uduaghan’s Transportation Legacy in Delta State

By GbaramatuVoice Editorial Board

In the transition from one administration to the next, the concept of “continuity” plays a pivotal role in sustaining the development initiatives and projects that benefit the citizens of a state. Delta State, with its rich history and diverse populace, has experienced remarkable progress in the past, particularly in the transportation sector. However, certain elements of this legacy have been allowed to languish under the previous administration of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa (2015 to 2023). This editorial seeks to delve deeper into the need for your administration to revive the transportation legacy initiated by former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan.

Governor Uduaghan’s time in office from 2007 to 2015 marked a period of transformative development in Delta State, particularly in the transportation sector. His commitment to “human capital development” translated into visible benefits for the people, and the transportation network was a key component of this progress.

One noteworthy achievement was the revitalization of Delta Line, which had previously been on the brink of collapse. Recognizing the transportation challenges faced by the people, Governor Uduaghan initiated the procurement and distribution of hundreds of City Taxis to improve intra-state travel. Although the impact was notable, some beneficiaries opted to use these taxis for personal purposes, diminishing their benefits to the wider population.

Undeterred, Governor Uduaghan extended his efforts, increasing the number of City Taxis assigned to Delta Line. This move aimed to further enhance the efficiency of the state-owned transportation company.

In an endeavor to make transportation accessible and affordable for all Deltans, Governor Uduaghan engaged the private sector through Agofure to manage a substantial fleet of buses for intra-city travel. This initiative brought significant relief to commuters, with flat-rate fares of just 200 Naira and air-conditioned buses that ensured passenger comfort. Furthermore, the provision of reception areas, viewing centers, clean toilets, and minimarts at transportation hubs eliminated the challenges passengers once faced while waiting for transportation.

In the urban areas, Governor Uduaghan’s administration introduced luxurious buses equipped with functional air-conditioning systems, ensuring a comfortable commuting experience and protection from the scorching sun.

Although Governor Uduaghan provided hundreds of outboard engines and fibers to facilitate water transportation, they were mismanaged and abandoned.

To further enhance street-level transportation and ease movement in remote areas, Governor Uduaghan procured thousands of tricycles (keke), distributing them across the 25 local government areas in the state.

These remarkable achievements in the transportation sector form part of Governor Uduaghan’s legacy, and they have significantly impacted the lives of all Deltans. The time has come to revisit these projects, to revive the spirit of innovation and service delivery in the transportation sector, and to ensure that Deltans continue to benefit from the progress initiated by your predecessor.

It is our sincere hope that your administration will consider breathing new life into Governor Uduaghan’s transportation legacy and take it to new heights. In doing so, we can once again witness a Delta State where transportation is affordable, efficient, and accessible, ensuring the welfare and well-being of its citizens. This GbaramatuVoice editorial serves as a comprehensive call to action, urging your administration to revisit these projects and continue the legacy of innovation and service delivery in the transportation sector.

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